Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Answers to Dr. Tebecis

I have been reading over Dr. Tebecis’ “Answers to the Critics” from Thomas David’s pro-Mahikari site. What I am finding is that the answers simple aren’t good enough, not good enough to satisfy me anyway. I am going to break this down bit by bit and by the end of this we should have Dr. Tebecis’ “Answers to the Critics” and my answers to Dr. Tebecis. Here is what the Doc had to say about internet sites such as mine…

Media publicity

There is an extreme view on the Internet that Sukyo Mahikari has a hidden agenda – that the Emperor of Japan is going to rule the world and that the organization is a front to achieve this. Such a distorted view simply could not subsist in Japan. Practically everyone in Japan knows that members of the Imperial family are strictly traditionalistic when it comes to religious matters, following traditional Shintoism and all the rites and practices that come with it.

-This is true; nowadays most people do know that the emperor is just a symbol. However, Mahikari wasn’t created in 2006…Okada had his first revelation in 1959, exactly 14 years after WWII, where the emperor of Japan had just lost his power and right to claim his divinity. Many people were angry that the emperor was forced to step down and still followed him. Okada was one of those loyal followers, having been in the army and served his country. So whether or not Japanese people know that the emperor is just a symbol is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that Okada incorporated his devotion for the emperor of Japan into his teachings, and encouraged his followers to be loyal to the current emperor. Mahikari members are taught that one day the emperor will reassume his position as the leader of the world. Someone who only takes primary Kenshu will not find out anymore than surface data, but those who become enlightened enough to take secondary and tertiary Kenshu find out rather quickly about the importance of the emperor. So the question isn’t whether or not Japanese people know the Emperor is strictly traditionalistic, the question is whether or not Kumite know that the Emperor is strictly traditionalistic.

The Emperor of Japan, as any head of state or person in high office, would not show favoritism to any religious organization in Japan or elsewhere.

-I don’t know about that. If I was an Emperor and I had a religious group who was willing to worship me and place me back in the dictator position I was in prior to WWII…if I was going to be able to rule over a country again…I think I would be a little enthusiastic about it. I think I might show favoritism towards a group who was willing to worship me like a God. That’s like saying a celebrity who is getting free clothes from a famous fashion designer is not going to show favoritism towards that designer for giving them free merchandise. It’s an absurd thing to say. If Donna Karen is going to give me free clothes and jewelry, but Louis Vuitton, who makes equally as beautiful clothes, wants me to wear his dress but he wants me to pay for it…who do you think I am going to go with? It’s the same thing. If the Emperor has a choice to support a religious group who would rather keep him in his current position, versus a group who wants him to be in a leadership role again, where he has more power and prestige, which do you think he will favor?

Why has this view appeared amongst some previous Sukyo Mahikari members? It could be because the founder gave teachings that things started in the “land of the origin of spirit”, and that in extremely ancient times there was a leader from the land of the origin of spirit who was the representative of God for the peoples of the world. These teachings need to be taken in context. In ancient times when humankind appeared on earth, there was no country called Japan, no nationalities or borders, only land. People were all of the same origin and spread out to different parts of the world. Japan today is a part of what in ancient times was called the land of the origin of spirit.

-Stop right there…let’s reread that comment, shall we? “Japan today is a part of what in ancient times was called the land of the origin of spirit.” And I guess that means that the rest of the world wasn’t a part to the Land of the Origin of the Spirit. I guess that means the other land masses just came up from nowhere. Despite science telling us that it would take eras to form something of the scale and magnitude of a continent.

Sukuinushisama said that the people of the land of the origin of spirit does not only refer to Japanese people. Various teachings of Sukyo Mahikari point not to ‘a chosen people’ but to the importance of having harmony amongst people of all backgrounds as brothers and sisters. For example, in the Yokoshi Prayer Book, a verse of a divine song (entitled “The Land of the Origin of Spirit”) says, Japanese and Jewish people, you are not the chosen ones. Another says, Americans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese and Jewish people are all brothers. It is absurd that you now have discord among yourselves.Related to this matter is another allegation made in the media and on the Internet – that Sukyo Mahikari is racist, in particular, that it is anti-Semitic. There is no truth in this allegation. The passage cited above from the Yokoshi Prayer Book already makes this clear.

-See my last post…Letter to Thomas David...

Sukyo Mahikari welcomes all people, irrespective of their religion, race or background.

-As long as they are willing to conform to a Japanese way of life and accept Mahikari as their primary religion.

There are a number of Jewish Sukyo Mahikari members in Australia, with whom I communicate. The first Mahikari doctor in Australia is a Jewish woman whom I guided to Mahikari in 1976. In Canberra, I often talk with a good friend of mine, a Jewish man who became a Sukyo Mahikari member in Perth years ago. This man used to be the principal viola player for the London Symphony Orchestra and also had a position with the Carl Pini String Quartet. He told me: “The Light and the Mahikari teachings have not only furthered my progress as a musician and teacher but they have deepened my understanding of Judaism”.

-“They have deepened my understanding of Judaism.” I can see where Mahikari might deepen his understanding of Judaism. Mahikari teaches about karma; which teaches us that everything that happens throughout our lives is due to our negative karma. We have accumulated negative karma through our past lives. Perhaps the reason it has deepened his understanding of Judaism is because he now knows that the Holocaust happened because his ancestors or maybe even he in a past life, failed to construct a temple to enshrine Su-God. Thus everything that happened to Jews throughout history can be blamed on no one but the Jews. Due to their karma, it’s their fault and they deserved it. They should be thankful for the suffering they endured because it means that their negative karma is diminishing because living through trials cleanses away toxins and negative karma. Now, if that is how this man means Mahikari has strengthened his understanding of Judaism…because he can now accept the atrocities that happened because he knows he was deserving of it, I completely understand. The guilt factor is something most kumite come to accept and understand. All negative things that happen are the fault of the person they are happening to.

Another Jewish member in Canberra was the vice-principal of a high school and told me that she found the Mahikari practices invaluable in helping to fulfil her role as an educator. There are many Jewish kamikumite throughout the world. Also, I have attended Sukyo Mahikari ceremonies in the World Shrine where Jewish rabbis and dignitaries made complimentary remarks about the organization in their public speeches.

-This might be an assumption, but I would be willing to suggest that most people who make these public comments, have only taken primary Kenshu, if that. Therefore, they learn only what Kanbu want them to learn; the basics and nothing more. Those people know nothing about the future teachings that discuss the inaccuracy of all religions other than Mahikari and about the superiority of the Japanese race.

I feel that any misconceptions about Sukyo Mahikari controlling or looking down upon other races will gradually be dispelled as the organization spreads and people find out how altruistic and universal it really is.

-Not if I can help it. I guess that prediction was incorrect, considering that many people are leaving Mahikari and Dojos are fighting to pay their bills. Not to mention (I speak for the US only) people are becoming more cult-aware and are learning how to detect these kinds of greedy, money obsessed, cults before they get in too deep. Besides, most people’s lives are too busy to participate in something as time-consuming as Mahikari.

Another matter worthy of clarification is the allegation on the Internet that Sukyo Mahikari has links with the movement, Aum Supreme Truth, in Japan. The Japanese police have discredited Aum Supreme Truth as a terrorist organization, so it is understandable that people who know little about Sukyo Mahikari would be shocked by any report that the organization has a connection with Aum Supreme Truth. There is no connection with Aum Supreme Truth and never was.

-Just because Mahikari hasn’t bombed any subways cars yet, doesn’t mean there was never a connection.

It is true that a Japanese one-time Mahikari member who came to Australia became a member of Aum Supreme Truth, but she did this many years after she had given up Mahikari. I knew her well – Ms Yasuko Shimada, who came to Adelaide in South Australia in 1974 and helped plant the first seeds of Mahikari in Australia, a little over a year before I came across Mahikari in Japan. She married an Australian man and was able to gain Australian citizenship. She was certainly a pioneer for Mahikari in Adelaide. However, for various reasons she got divorced and gave up Mahikari in the early 1980s, years before Aum Supreme Truth was even founded. We heard from acquaintances that she was trying different religions.

-The poor woman was probably searching for something else to replace her previous Mahikari activities with. After leaving Mahikari many members have a rediscovery period that can be both traumatic and painful. It’s only natural for someone to search for something to fill the new gaping void in their life. Thus, if Ms. Shimada was experimenting with religions, there is a very strong possibility that this experimentation was brought on by the damage done by Mahikari. It’s like a drug addict coming down from a high; they overindulge in other things, such as food, to satisfy their fill that void. Okiyome is an addiction in itself, an addiction that can leave a person feeling empty after leaving. These former members have been so accustomed to getting this “fix” of okiyome, so accustomed to centering their world around getting to the dojo, that without Mahikari they feel empty and not sure what to do with themselves after they leave. I blame Mahikari for any misfortune this woman had. I have experienced the same pain that she and many other have had to endure. You feel lied to, manipulated, and used…

As far as I know, Mahikari members lost touch with her for years and were surprised by media reports that she had become a member of Aum Supreme Truth years later.

-Lost contact? Or cut her off because she wasn’t a kumite anymore and therefore not worth having as a friend?

People come and go in all kinds of organizations, and there is no way any organization can be responsible for what people do elsewhere years after leaving that organization.

-I beg to differ. The emotional trauma one experiences when leaving Mahikari is enough to make anyone crazy. Members become so dependant on the organization…they ask the leaders for advice and permission to make big decisions, they are told to be obedient to the leaders as a child is to a parent, they are taught to lean on Mahikari with every fiber of their being, and most importantly they are discouraged from thinking for themselves… when someone leaves Mahikari, the newfound freedom is more than they know what to do with. The day opens up when going to Dojo for half the day is taken out of ones schedule.

Of course, history has shown that sometimes organizations registered as religions have, in fact, had hidden agendas or have exploited people. It was a good move by governments, not only in Japan but around the world, to investigate religious organizations to assess how genuine they are. Mass suicides in religious movements in Europe and Canada a few years ago, as well as the sarin gas murders by Aum Supreme Truth in Japan, prompted governments to look closely into religious organizations, resulting in some reassurance for the public. The Japanese government enacted religious law reforms in which all religious organizations were scrutinized, and there were a number that were either closed down or are under surveillance. From all this, it became clear that in Japan, Sukyo Mahikari is held in high regard as an organization that stands for good in society. Media reports in Japan have cited Sukyo Mahikari as one of the fastest growing new religions attracting the public. More and more research reports on new religions in Japan are also indicating their surprise that Sukyo Mahikari is growing rapidly, not only in Japan but overseas.

-Was growing in the 80’s and early 90’s…now the spell seems to be broken and we former members can breath easier knowing that less and less people are being hurt by this organization; and just because the Japanese government recognizes it as a religion, doesn’t mean other countries do. In the United States, Mahikari is considered a cult; no better than the Moonies or Manson Family.

When shocking allegations appear about religious movements that are not well known, some people are quick to use the words ‘brain-washing’, ‘sect’ and ‘cult’ even though they know little or nothing about the organization concerned, or even what defines a sect or cult.

-Well…we former members know a thing or two about Mahikari. If Mahikari is being labeled as a cult on the internet, it is deserving of that title. We former members who have lived through Mahikari and experienced it have earned the right to call Mahikari what it really is; a cult.

Sukyo Mahikari is not very well known in society outside of Japan when compared with mainstream organizations that have been in existence for centuries, so it is understandable that the public can become alarmed by negative claims in the media and on the Internet.

-I will do my best to keep the public alarmed. They have every reason in the world to be leery of Mahikari.

I was in Australia in 1997 when media reports criticizing Sukyo Mahikari in Australia appeared. At that time, I was the Regional Director of Sukyo Mahikari Australia-Oceania Region. Understandably, a number of Mahikari members became confused, particularly because of some anxiety from their non-Mahikari relatives. In order to help allay people’s concerns, I invited the Australian Federal Police to come to our Sukyo Mahikari Headquarters in Canberra and examine our records, files, accounts or anything else they wished. Three Federal Agents came, and during the amicable conversation they raised no concern about the integrity of Sukyo Mahikari. In fact, they offered their support, indicating that they would come quickly to our aid if any problems occurred from people who did not know the facts and wanted to cause trouble.

-Did they read the Goseigen? Did they read the Kenshu notes and class material? I bet not.Otherwise they would have seen the truth about Mahikari. Not to mention anything incriminating could have been stashed or moved to someone’s home by then.

In 1996 a Parliamentary Commission in Belgium investigated dozens of religious and spiritual organizations, including Sukyo Mahikari. At that time media reports labeled Sukyo Mahikari as a ‘dangerous sect’. Sukyo Mahikari staff members contacted the Department of Justice in Brussels about this allegation and the Commissioner General of the Criminal Investigation Department (Department of Justice) in Brussels replied in writing on 26 May 1998 that he had not given any indication that the organization was dangerous and that he is not responsible for the interpretations by the media. Even the organization for observing sects, “Information and Advice Centre on Harmful Sectarian Organizations”, legally established in 1998 as a consequence of that parliamentary commission, replied in writing on 13 December 2001 that in the documents of the Centre there is no evidence of anything presented before a judge, of illegal practices, harming individuals, families or the society, or disturbing public order, by Sukyo Mahikari.

-If this had taken place in the United States, things would have been different.In England, on 4 March 1999, Scotland Yard wrote to Sukyo Mahikari’s lawyers in London confirming that “nothing untoward was found” when officers visited the London Mahikari Centre and that as far as they were aware, Sukyo Mahikari was “not being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for any suspected criminal offence”.

-The damage Mahikari does is psychological, not physical. You can’t look for psychological damage in files. You have to experience if for yourself.

Negative publicity can have a good outcome. It usually makes people look more carefully at organizations and how genuine they really are, and as a result many people can be reassured and even discover the value of the organization. Within Sukyo Mahikari as well, many people’s faith has been strengthened through these experiences. Also, we now feel that we have a responsibility to not be so passive but to help society know more about Sukyo Mahikari so that people can make informed choices.

-And we as former members have a responsibility to not be so passive but to help society know more about Sukyo Mahikari so that people can make informed choices. We are doing the same thing Dr. Tebecis is doing, but counteracting his efforts.

The Mahikari organization has been spreading mainly by word of mouth. Other than some public talks, public activities and media coverage, there have been no high-pressure campaigns or advertising. Also, not much Mahikari literature has been available for the public.

-True, Mahikari has started to make things even more secret in order to pull in more members. Crazy teachings are pushed aside until the person is brainwashed enough to accept everything without question.

However, the Mahikari organization has always been open in that the general public is welcome to visit Mahikari centers, to experience the Light of God, to talk to members, read the literature, and attend ceremonies, study classes and so on.

-As long as they don’t read the negative publications on the internet; as long as they get the Mahikari perspective of things and no one else’s perspective.

There is no obligation to continue, although of course, members are pleased if someone wishes to do so.

-Of course, more money to Ms. Okada so she can pray for us and save the world. Yea!

People may visit once or twice or come dozens of times. They may become members or not. There are people who leave the Mahikari organization, in which case their views are respected.

-Yeah…so I guess he’s going to deny that those people are clearly spiritually disturbed. Respected? Ha! How about cut off and regarded as possessed by spirits? That sounds more accurate.

There are also some people who wish to come back to the Mahikari organization years later, and do so. Unlike the early years when people could become Mahikari members with little or no prior preparation, nowadays, most Sukyo Mahikari centers have guidelines for preparation in order to help potential members to really know what they are getting into. Such people are encouraged to receive the Light of God many times, to attend some activities, read the literature and talk to members so they can make informed choices. Young children may also become members, but only if at least one of their parents is a member. Teenagers require the permission of their parents if they wish to become members.

-More preparation is done to separate the weak minded from the rebellious.

Sukyo Mahikari derives no income from any business. It is totally funded by voluntary donations made by members. It is taught that offerings only have significance if they are made willingly and with gratitude.

-Guilt money that people feel obligated to pay because they are so ashamed of themselves for things they have done in their past lives. They pay for forgiveness. So of course it is donated with willingness, they want to be forgiven for their wrong doings. All the bad things that have happened to them are their fault.

As Sukyo Mahikari spreads and as more literature on Mahikari becomes available to the public, I envisage that more and more people will be able to see what this organization stands for and evaluate it appropriately.

-The literature is written by members and is biased to their opinion. Unless you read both the positive and the negative and draw your conclusions after you have read everything, you will not be making an informed choice.


At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are confused on many, many points. I would recommend reading the Doctor's book and meeting a Sukyo Mahikari member before making such misguided arguments.
I am sorry for your misunderstanding from the article (it was misleading and not fully developed on multiple counts), and I hope you investigate further.

At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sukyo Mahkari has been in my life now for 20 years and I have never known anything other than shear joy in poeople (non members) who receie this light of Creator God. Indeed most of them don't even know the name of the organisation. They all tell me how much better they feel from having received this. Have you al ready forgotten the most important thing about all this and that is, that the Light is the Light and no matter how many words both positive or negative that is written about it will change that.

You have obviously had some bad exeriences, but don't judge and paint your opinion on everyone else. You sound to me as if you have made your own errors in life and dont want to accept them as your own.

At 3:42 AM, Blogger Heath Markwell said...

I have been in the organisation for 22 years and from my experince Sukyo Mahikari people are the most damaged, insecure, suppressed, fearful and unhappy people i have ever met.

I know people who have almost lost there homes due to "divine service" that they can't adequately care for there family and bills; I have seen it break up many previously loving families due to one member having to "GUIDE the family" (unbearable preaching); Many members have undiagnosed mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression and phobias, due to the extreme stress placed on them each moment of each day.

Infact i really do not know anyone in Sukyo Mahikari that the promise of health harmony and prosperity has actually worked for.

Oh yes if you ask them they will tell you how happy they are but the observation of their life paints a different picture.
Its a sit down, shut up, dont ask questions organisation. do what we say and dont think.

On relfection of the 22 years of being in Sukyo Mahikari no one has ever got up and said to the members "you guys are great, we are all doing so well, We love you and God loves you." This i have never heard, this type of compassionate encouragement.

What you are reminded of is that : you are behind in the divine plan, do more divine service, you are impure, as recently as Jan 2007 Andirs preached that "we need to get the "Old" Enthusiasm back when member use to sell there homes and give their money to the divine plan".

It is likend to being oppressed in a domestic violent realtionship.
Members are CRUSHED, and these people who are saying they are happy are few and far between.

Get real Sukyo Mahikari does not feed the poor or give to the needy.
What offering to humanity has Sukyo Mahikari done lately, nothing... They can spend millions on shines in Japan though nothing is given to help the needy.

It is quiet amazing i am bathing in light 24 hours a day and i have left Sukyo Mahikari, even as i am writting this i am bathing in light/love of God.

I gave light to my baby "without" omitama on and the babies fever went. What about the other Mahikari organisation.
Sukyo Mahikari is the stem off organisation from the other Seiko Mahikari organisation, they have also built a Suza and their light works just like Sukyo Mahikari.

In the SKK they have numerous medical experinces of people giving light and miricles happening, come on guys get the blindfold off.

The light is not the problem in this organisation its the psychological oppression and damage. I have left Sukyo Mahikari and I still have the same light because I love God. The light is from God, God is light.
So what I am finding is that it is not the omitama and the organisation it is God that gives you the light to heal these people and he loves you no matter what path you are in.

Please Sukyo Mahikari you are not the only true path.

The motivation of many members is that they seem to feel that if they dont wear omitama, or they leave Sukyo Mahikari, they could be killed and if they die without the Omitama on they will be trapped in a lower level of hell. This is alot alot of stress to bear.

How can you be happy carrying this panic and fear thus fear being the motivation for doing all Sukyo Mahikari activities and in the end everything in your life.

If you think i am exaggerating take your Omitama off for 1 to 2 weeks and get in your car and drive, see what fears and phobias overwhelm your mind, get in a plane or on a boat or simply go about your normal duties without Omitama on, and observe the amount of fear and anxiety you register. Then tell me if you are happy deep down. You may just find you are unable to cope due to fear. Take a long look in the mirror.

Sukyo Mahikari is being revealed on every level so the shallow "Thank you very much" doesn't work any more.

Heath Markwell

At 5:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello All,

Went thru some of the blogs today.

I do agree with some of the things that the bloggers have to say. e.g that the organization is alingned towards being very strict or theocratic or authoritarian. But that could also be a mistake in the adminstration and implementation within the Organization isnt it ?
If we look at the origin of SM it has originated in Japan. I have worked with a few Japanese clients and they always tend to be very rigid people.. So maybe there was no enough experience as to how to adminster and run the organization overseas. The Jap methods didnt work outside so there were many who did end up having bad experiences. I personally had many bitter experiences with some of the staff memebers some were even being outright rude but at that time I always had a perspective that hey look the dudes after all a human being ... they too can make mistakes. There is also a problem with many memebers being that many tend to become extremists. I too was one and i really feel guilty now for my actions which happened during my extremistic SM enthusiasim. But there are a few things which I cannot deny. One of them is the Light. I have done many experiments (wish I had recorded them) and being from a scientific background did have a skeptical point of view in the first few years of my association with the organization. I still do not accept whatever that is told to me unless Its really convincing. I am able to do the Light and I am happy with it. I did know about Johrei and the others but that was after I joined SM. and I must say that i was a little disappointed when i came to know about the other Suza and the other organization. Most of the comments I have read have been extremist (my opinion) its extremist both ways for or against. Cannot there be a moderate viewpoint ?
I wouldnt say Mahikari has changed my life been the best thing etc etc but yes it has contributed to my life in a major way and it did allow me to see things with a new perspective and yes at the same time i have felt that some things have been objectionable as well which I havent accepted. Also I do practice my birth-religion and consider the SM stuff to be like a different education which also helps.


At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Nina Sinelnikova, New York Sho Dojo said...

Good evening everyone!
I am writing this because I am fascinated with the last comment posted by Liberal.
I read many different articles and comments by members and ex-members but it is the deepest and most tolerant view I've ever came across.
I totally agree with every thought and very grateful to find a member who thinks exactly like me but can put it more eloquently.
To the people who want to try Mahikari I can say only one thing-Please don't be afraid and judge for yourself.Fear is the worst advisor.
With best wishes to you all,
Nina Sinelnikova, New York Sho Dojo

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:38 PM, Blogger james said...

The only thing that keeps people hooked to mahikari is the Light. It is real. But does not solely belong to the organisation.

You will find the same energy with Jorei and a more compassionate form of the energy in Reiki. Pranic Healing also connects to the Highest. All Energy come from the Creator. There are no two or three creators.

Okada rents this energy out on a monthly basis! Whereas in Reiki it is with you for life!

If only kumite can peer outside the confines of the teachings which imprison them, they they can see the true and full form of this Energy!

Come off it and get out of MONEYkari. There is a real world out there filled with the Creators compassion.

Tebecis and Tomita write to say spirit disturbances cannot be healed in any other way.......ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! I was a Advanced Kenshu Kumite and left in disgust of the organisation and at Tebecis in 1992. Later with Reiki and being a senior Reiki Master, I have seen many cases of spirit possession cleared and healed in ONE (1) session!

There is nothing special about the Omitama. Any senior Reiki Master can make and connect pendents or for that matter any object to the Source....... That's why we have a few breakaway factions of Okada's original 'pseudo religion'.

Anyone fully attuned to the Energy can connect Goshintai as well. The Japanese Kanji in the Mahikari Goshintai is the same as the Jorei Goshintai and IS the Master symbol of Reiki. Only Okada started using the characters in making Goshintai after 1959. whereas the Master symbol was used by the founder of Reiki at around 1920.

So friends WAKE UP!

By the way I challenge Tebecis to prove me wrong!


At 12:02 AM, Blogger james said...

Dear Friends and unfortunate Kumite!

Please be reminded of the teachings of Okada.

He has said over and over again in the Goseigen, Norigotoshu and Sunkyo that humankind must learn to 'DISCERN'.

So please start discerning where the Energy comes from and discern 'pseudo religions'. Get out of MONEYkari and start living. Find out what the Light is all about!

And to your surprise you will find out that is is about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND HEALING!

At 12:11 AM, Blogger james said...

The only thing that keeps people hooked to mahikari is the Light. It is real. But does not solely belong to the organisation.

You will find the same energy with Jorei and a more compassionate form of the energy in Reiki. Pranic Healing also connects to the Highest. All Energy come from the Creator. There are no two or three creators.

Okada rents this energy out on a monthly basis! Whereas in Reiki it is with you for life!

If only kumite can peer outside the confines of the teachings which imprison them, they they can see the true and full form of this Energy!

Come off it and get out of MONEYkari. There is a real world out there filled with the Creators compassion.

Tebecis and Tomita write to say spirit disturbances cannot be healed in any other way.......ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! I was a Advanced Kenshu Kumite and left in disgust of the organisation and at Tebecis in 1992. Later with Reiki and being a senior Reiki Master, I have seen many cases of spirit possession cleared and healed in ONE (1) session!

There is nothing special about the Omitama. Any senior Reiki Master can make and connect pendents or for that matter any object to the Source....... That's why we have a few breakaway factions of Okada's original 'pseudo religion'.

Anyone fully attuned to the Energy can connect Goshintai as well. The Japanese Kanji in the Mahikari Goshintai is the same as the Jorei Goshintai and IS the Master symbol of Reiki. Only Okada started using the characters in making Goshintai after 1959. whereas the Master symbol was used by the founder of Reiki at around 1920.

So friends WAKE UP!

By the way I challenge Tebecis to prove me wrong!


At 12:53 AM, Blogger james said...

Looks like I am on a roll!


Okada kept saying that a shrine must be built for the Creator God and all efforts were made by Sukyo Mahikari (one breakaway faction of Okada's Mahikari)to do so...........At it's completion

Ms. Okada, the Spiritual leader of Sukyo Mahikari, said at the Inauguration on November 3rd 1984:

"Ever since the Golden Temple built on the high plain of Jerusalem by Moses, David and Solomon was lost, now breaking through the 2000 (Not really 2000 years?.......But how can you question it was the representative of almighty god who spoke!!!)year blank period, "the Shrine (temple) of Su" in which the enshrining and worship of the Parent God, common to all humankind, who is the true Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Ancestor of Heaven and humans, takes place is majestically erected, on this high plain of Takayama in the land of Hidama (Globe of Sun) of the Land of the Origin of Spirit."

It seems that she had forgotten that the God that she is talking about according to early Mahikari teachings already had a home at Ise Shrine. Ise Shrine is a very famous shrine in Japan dedicated to the Imperial Family.

Yoshikazu Okada published his early Teachings in a book called Commentary to Kami Muki Sanji -1982 - On pages 238-240 he states: A Golden Urn with the words written in Hebrew EIE ASHIL EIE - I AM THAT I AM - is enshrined at Ise Shrine.

A few years later, the other Mahikari faction which won the court case ( always wondered about the power of the so called creator god who could not set the proper lineage right by divine intervention at the Tokyo High Court) built and enshrined yet again another creator god at the top of Mount Fuji. ( I thought there was only one Creator God)

There is now another breakaway faction whose members radiate light with both their palms are set to yet build another world shrine!!!!

How many World Shrines should there be???
Mahikari have made a proper fool of the Creator.


1. Ise Shrine

2. Takayama

3. Mount Fuji

4. Tokyo Disneyland???(yet to be built)


At 1:56 AM, Blogger james said...

Yeap Its Me again!


I get say 50 pendents which can be opened and place 50 small pieces of paper with the name James in each of them and seal it.

Next I use the Reiki Master Symbol to connect each pendant through my spiritual body to the highest source, with the intention that whosoever wears the pendent is able to transmit the energy through their hands from the Source.
I then seal it with Chokurei (please find out from Reiki Masters whether this can be done - its so easy!)And there you have it - a pendent that is connected to the Creator.

I then gather 50 people with promises of miraculous healing when this pendent is used. I give them some teachings saying I am the representative of the Creator and that they have to pay $20 monthly to maintain this connection.

All 50 of them use it enthusiastically and it works. They see miracles and tell their friends and I soon have a huge following.

What they do not know is that each time the pendent is used all the energy they transmit passes through my spiritual body and very little in their bodies (Principle of FU). I get spiritually elevated. They hardly get any benefit. Beacause being a Reiki Master, my Chakras have been open to the Energy and not theirs.
The more they give the Energy, the more miracles happen to those who receive the energy. Those who transmit the energy pick up negativity from those they give the energy to. With this we have the phenomena of cleansing. The more they go down the more money they are asked to donate, They are told that the cleansing is due to past negative sins. The more they become guilty the more they donate.

Also there is an added advantage in this method......the more energy they give also weakens them spiritually and they become prone to spirit attachments, which makes them feel more guilty and hence I make more money from donations!

I have caught them hook, line and sinker!!! or better by the short and curlies!!!!

If Okada was so genuine, why not attune the kumite's bodies to this energy and not the pendent??? Opening up their Chakras and attuning them to the Source of the Energy will bring about real and fast healing.

I see something very sinister about it! But then again kumite who have big mahikari hooks deeply embedded in them, will shy away from this post. They will say that I am spiritually disturbed with an intention to undermine their beloved Mahikari. Say what you want. The truth will never change!
What I write is the truth!

It is the kumite who is spiritually disturbed by radiating Energy without being attuned to the Energy, Mahikari teachings and mind control methods!

I hope this posting jolts some into reality!

Please talk to Reiki Masters and verify the truth in this posting.......There is nothing mysterious about omitama, goshintai or the Energy....Its all about intention. (somewhat similar to the intention you use when radiating Light)

Feel free to contact me.
I hope the administrators of this site allow me to post my email address
I reside at Perth WA

At 4:55 AM, Blogger james said...


This Eternal Source Of the Energy, is pure. It possesses 3-dimensional properties of Fire-water and earth. It has its own wisdom, which emanates from the Will of the Creator.
With this it possesses strictness and mercy.

In its full spectrum which is Reiki, it is very compassionate. Mahikari and Jorei utilize a particular aspect (vibration) of the full spectrum which connects to the strictness aspect of the Almighty.

They are all good. However, too much exposure to this level of Energy creates much discomfort to the practitioner. This is why the phenomena of cleansing is sometimes too overbearing in Mahikari. I have personally seen hundreds of good lifes' go down the drain. It is best to combine this Energy with the full spectrum which is Reiki. Please look up Don Beckets site in the net on Johrei. He gives the correct perspective.

However, it must be noted that Mahikari, wants its kumite to suffer....and that's how they get control over them.

As I said earlier this Eternal Source is pure and does not like any contamination. Mahikari using this Energy to create spiritual discord amongst its members is a transgression against the Eternal Energy's Purity and Will.

All problems that are faced by the organisation
.......its breaking up into many factions, the members who have left in hordes, the spiritual disaffection or spirit disturbances, the negative media, the truth of its malpractices surfacing for all to see and its own internal turmoil is just the workings of this Eternal Energy kicking or surfacing out unwarranted practices of the organization.

So friends using Okada's own words.......DISCERN! Remember what Jesus said about a good tree which will bear good fruits!
There is too much negativity surfacing in the Mahikari tree, for it to bear good fruits.....and again remember what Jesus said about false prophets!

God Bless!

At 5:39 AM, Blogger james said...

I AM THAT I AM (Ari te aru......Om tat Sat......Eil Ashil Eil....etc etc

I AM THAT I AM...Is about you!You don't need another (EXTERNAL) source like Mahikari to dangle a carrot before you, saying it will lead you to I AM THAT I AM. You are the microcosm and the macrocosm. You are I AM THAT I AM..... It is all within you.

Remember that Jesus said that "I am the Son of God and so are You"

So start DISCERNING and stop FOLLOWING A PSEUDO RELIGION that has taken and hidden so much from you!

You have chosen to follow the path of Light, with Mahikari......GOOD!, Now see it in its real perspective! The LIGHT does not want for you to suffer!

You are NOT an embodiment of negativity and sin........You are an embodiment of the FULL.You are the Source and you are YOU. The SOURCE only has UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND FORGIVENESS FOR YOU AND NOT SUFFERING!

You are the Macrocosm and you are the microcosm. You are Compassion and You are You! YOU ARE THE LIGHT and the Omitama or Gohsintai or Suza is not the LIGHT, They still depend on you to exist.

When Okada wrote in the Kamimuki Sanji that when a person understands "I am that I am" suddenly Gods light sheds upon you. It is true.

It is not a secret MYOHO, which must be 'given only by the Mahikari Orgainsation' as he claims.

It is REALITY, which he faced, which he wants to hide in secrecy from you!.... for a couple of dollars, respect and control)

At 6:05 AM, Blogger james said...


All you have to do is ask....all you have to do is knock and the door will open.

This is the right way to think.....what you think you get!

If you live by the words of Mahikari are a sinner, you don't deserve anything. Come on snap out of it! And START LIVING!

The Highest Source has only COMPASSION for you!

Remember the "fruits of the spirit" as Jesus spoke of!

Also remember the last few words of the New the book of Revelations, "If you live by the sword, by the sword you shall die.......likewise if you live in negativity and and negative faith, you shall die by the same!

We all remember Norman Vincent Peel! What happened to him after Mahikari?

The world remembers Martin Luther King and Gandhi......what happened to them after Mahikari?

Meditaion and Prayer leads you to understanding of the subtler aspects of life. Why is meditation a taboo in Mahikari?
Basically they do not want you to progress spiritually!

All religious leaders meditated, why is it not allowed in Mahikari, saying it leads to spirit disturbances???

Isn't there enough spirit disturbances within Mahikari which is self created???????

Friends start LIVING!

At 6:42 AM, Blogger james said...


The Sun, which bestows life on this planet sheds its light on all. Including a lump of dog turd in the field. Where the turd is converted into something positive...fertilizer.

Everything from the source of the Universe has been doing this for the preservation of the Universe and earth.

The sun shines on all! Why can't Mahikari also do the same and change the world?

Have you ever witnessed the Mahikari Organization use the countless millions it earns through donations for the aid of humans who have been affected by calamities throughout the world?

Have any of the revenue earned by the organization been used to help the tsunami victims, the earthquake victims, the victims of hurricanes???

If so they can be regarded as a charitable organization.....But to date, they have only taken all spoils or profit to establish unwanted buildings in Japan.(Sometimes many world shrines do you need?)

Have the leaders of Mahikari ever asked its members to transmit Mahikari saving Light to the victims of these tragedies?

Please Think again about the objectives of the organization.

They talked about the end of the world in 1999, it never came about!
They now talk about the end of the world in 2012!
I am sorry to say but the founder never mentioned this!

What Next?

Lets see the organization use a little bit of their spoils for real world aid?????

This would come in line with the teachings of all religions which the claim they want to unite!

What hogwash??? And people in Mahikari actually believe !!!!!

At 7:25 AM, Blogger james said...







A Latvian born refugee IN Australia, later a hippy in the 70's suddenly becomes a spiritual leader??? He has caused deaths!
Is this what Mahikari is all about?

I ask him to challenge and refute what I have posted!

At 7:46 AM, Anonymous kesifu said...

@ James,
what a f*** Idiot sounds like a advert for reiki.
I have reiki people come and recieve light and they say its better. I always guide people with "its like reiki, only it WORKS and is FREE"
If you could do the same then show me people who willingly give donations without being asked, wheres your world shrine? Big mouth but nothing to show for it.
How many people just write crap,
NO-One has ever force or manipulated me to do anything in 22 years, I have even told High members where to go and have never recieve admonitions, not even a spanking.
Its always the weak will people, who don't get what they want, who start to bitch and cry.
My biggest complaint about MK is they haven't given me enought support, but they don't want to give the wrong impression and leave it up to me as an ADULT what and where I do my thing.
Henry Rollins;
"I met Henry once. I said "you've done so much." He replied "that's what happens when you get off the couch."

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Ashl3 said...

It makes me sad that people cannot unite around the world. That religions sects, cults, denominations are causing disunity and disharmony. It is sad that we cannot realise that at the end of the day we are all humans and we are all related-we come from the same origin. Instead of thinking about nasty things to say to each other and about each other's beliefs why don't we try to unite, and find the things which we have in common. We all want to be happy and have good relationships with others. That is what everyone is looking for and so we try different things; theories, sports, religions and so forth to find something that makes sense of our world and why we are here. By judging other people we are only causing pain for ourselves with our negative thinking. I think we have been taught to focus on the negative aspects of our lives rather than concentrate on all the wonderful things we have-our friends, our family, our pets, homes, education. Our life and our happiness is not determined by our experiences but rather by our interpretation of those experiences. If you are waiting for someone to fix all your problems before you can be happy- you will never be happy. If you judge others you will only isolate yourself. What about all the things we have in common that we can share and enjoy?

At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been an active member of SM for 34 years, 35 in Sept this year. Quite honestly, SM saved my life. I was on a very fast rollercoaster to nowhere and I was introduced to this practice and I've never looked back.

I read some of the negative things written here and on other sites and I think "where do they get this stuff from?" As a member with tertiary experience since 1984, I have never encountered any subversive intentions or subterfuge regarding the Emporer taking over the world or any of the other nonsense that I'm supposedly fed by the org.

If you get involved in playing tennis and for whatever reason give it up, people don't jump up and down and blame the tennis. Because tennis has nothing to do with it.

This is exactly the same thing. People come to Mahikari, get involved, some of us stay and others leave. But instead of going quietly, there's this inane reprisal from past members to not only bad mouth the organisation, but the current members as well.

Well, for what it's worth, I love this practice, and the people in the practice and I don't think I'm brainwashed or suffering from any other sort of psychological disturbance.

Indeed,as a social worker, I understand the need for people who make decisions and then feel uncomfortable about those decisions, to look for something or someone else to blame them on.

It's not about Mahikari. God's Light is what it is. It's about relationships, not feeling valued or loved, feeling hurt etc. I'm truly sorry if you felt any of these things whilst you were members.

But remember, the organisation is made up of people and people aren't perfect, sometimes we make mistakes.

God Bless

At 8:17 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Have you heard of Mithraism? Check it out. The so called God of Mahikari Mithra is the false god (beast) mentioned in the Bible. Is Mithra raising its ugly head for the final time. It will be defeated by the Highest God and his Angels.

I agree with James above. I see the posts made by mahikari members as shallow and without content. They don't seem to be answering what James wrote about the light, omitama and goshintai.
If so I take it that they concede with James. LOL

At 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:00 PM, Blogger Rhya Naik said...

Basically. .mahikari is utter crap cos it's blasphemises Christianity and Judaism. How could it defile the Star of David as its own when they're actually worshipping spirits and ancestors. God almighty was Lord Jehovah himself so stop claiming that the second coming is not of Jesus but by these false prophets. Blasphemy! !! Jesus Christ died on the cross and our sins are forgiven. So repent and turn away from all foreign Gods less another tsunami should hit Japan once again.

At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure where the author is getting his or her information, but this is not the Sukyo Mahikari I have known for over 20 years.

This spiritual practice has literally turned my life around and was also the source of great joy to my mother, who joined Mahikari of her own volition.

Regular people come to Mahikari, with their hopes, dreams, and trainings. If one practices the Teachings and gives and receives Light sincerely, then surely it is possible to experience the joy of service to God.

No one is coerced to remain in this practice whatsoever. We all have free will to decide what spiritual path is best for us.

I really hope that, wherever you are searching, that you will be able to find God and to help others in some way. This is the key to greater happiness and a richer life.

If there are those who are not finding what they are looking for on this path, then why not continue on with your search elsewhere, instead of downing others and an organization of such noble and high aspirations? Surely, such negativity is not going to help you or anyone else.

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mahikari is a political movement with strong links with the Japanese right wing nationalists. About two years ago the Oshienushi announced he was a member of Nippon Kaigi the ultra right wing neo-nationalist political pressure group. When I questioned his membership with Kanbu and trustees of my centre they said he wants to spread the teachings to all sectors of society. so why does he not join the left wing groups? Mahikari is also active in the UN through Ken Kitatani who calls himself a spiritual activist and is promoting a sustainable spirituality. That word sustainable is a political control euhpemism. They deny the political aspect to westerners, they know we would all run a mile if it got out how right wing they are. the two doshis at our dojo are so right wing they are fascists, I got it out of them by careful questioning and pressing all the right buttons when talking to them


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