Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sukyo Mahikari Observatory

During my next series of posts I am going to be responding to this website:

I started reading this thinking that it was an anti-Mahikari site, but what I found was that it is more pro than anything. It defends Mahikari on all of the issues listed below, attempting to look neutral, but in the end siding more with Mahikari than the former members who have been there. I am going to break this down slowly, using references from the Goseigen and other texts, to show the fallacies in this article. List of allegations concerning the dangerous nature of the movement

A. Rejection of scientific medicine to the benefit of religious healing techniques such as the laying on of hands, the purification of the spirit, the mind and the body.

B. Outrageous payments for the purification of the spirit, the mind and the body as a guarantee against illnesses.

C. Financial extortion justified by various spiritual reasons (i.e. donation of 10% of one’s income to receive True Light, courses, etc.)

D. Use of the donations for financial operations and investments abroad.

E. Exploitation of cheap labour and voluntary work as a form of purification of the soul and of redemption.

F. Proselytism targeting vulnerable people.

G. Severing the links with the family and friends.

H. Sukyo Mahikari is a totalitarian sect (use of the swastika, the symbol of nazi and extreme-right movements).

I. Sukyo Mahikari is an apocalyptic sect (only its members will be saved).


At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you think that the practise of receiving Light doesn't work for you then. I on the other hand find it to be of great benefit to myself. I feel refreshed and rejuvinated after each session.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Bergspprofilens vindar said...

Science is human practise of trying to understand what is the truth as human can understand the truth. Now we practice science upon ourselves and want to understand Sukyo Mahikari in a scientifical manner. The problem is that we tend to popularise with values that make it biased as we want it. So a description can be correct only wrongly interpreted because of standing from the opposite side of the issue. Remember that this is a discussion on the subject of rightousness and it is a revolution it is possible - keyboard to keyboard.


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