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Rejection of Scientific Medicine to the Benefit of Religious Healing Techniques

A. Rejection of scientific medicine to the benefit of religious healing techniques such as the laying on of hands, the purification of the spirit, the mind and the body.

As all former members can attest, Mahikari is very opposed to both science and medicine. The Goseigen is crystal clear on the supposed “dangers” of taking medication and relying on science for answers. Yet Mahikari members quoted on this site are attempting to deny Mahikari’s anti-science stance. “Some people receive True Light with the hope that they will be healed or that their condition will improve. The aim of the art of Mahikari, however, is not to heal illnesses but to revive the original divine power of men, children of God, through purification of their spiritual, astral and physical body, to allow them to participate in the accomplishment of the divine work and to make progress on the path of divinisation. The art of True Light is no substitute for medical or psychological therapy. Sukyo Mahikari recommends, therefore, that if a person has a physical problem, he should see a qualified medical doctor or physician. Similarly, if a person has an emotional or mental problem, he should seek the help of a professional therapist or counsellor.”

As usual, we, the former members are wrong.

Clearly we’re all just crazy and making everything up. Professional therapist or counsellor? I seem to remember my In-Laws giving me quite a hard time whilst studying psychology. They would say that people didn’t need to talk to psychologists; they needed to receive light and join Mahikari. Let me remind everyone reading this, that my father-in-law was once a Socho…I have no idea what his position is called now; something insanely high up there. My point is, that if someone as high up as my father-in-law is saying therapy and counselling is wrong, there a strong possibility that most Mahikari members feel the same way. Or at least they are taught to think the same way. I am just going to begin by quoting the Goseigen.

It is the present ‘‘intellectually poisoned’’ man who has soiled and defiled the supreme wonderous works of God’s wisom, filled it up with villiany and has neither realized the blunder, nor the necessity to apologize to the Creator. Isn’t it correct that man has hardened his brain to its core with poisons, and argues for the sake of arguing with whatever minute part of Wisdom he still possess? Man is counterfeiting everything and is proud of it ; swagger and self-conceited, insisting on his science, wisdom, and freedom of his pursit of knowledge. He has changed the Divine Science into a monsterous science, God’s knowledge into one that will self destruct. And ‘‘true medical science’’ which should be the ‘‘ sublime science’’ into something completely different, far from the Divine Principle of perfect health. 60 (JP 102-103-104)

Ahhh...I see. Well, call me crazy, but I think that sounds pretty opposed to science, don’t you? Primary Kenshu notes also talk about how you cannot depend on intellect for anything. The minds of man is useless and pondering why parts of Mahikari doesn’t make sense will only confuse the spiritual mind. Mahikari’s advice on how to deal with the fact that some of the teachings are difficult to understand? Don’t think about it. Don’t question it. Just be sonao. Focus on the sublime and not the scientific.

Intellectual poison has polluted man, the child of God, from all directions, who at one time was a godly man, and changed him into a clot of poison that has even penetrated the brain where it still remains. 61 (JP 105)

Do humans recognize a means to stop this intellect and power ? Unfortunately, no they do not. They will end up being blown away. 62 (JP 106-107)

Let me start out by saying, I find it difficult to picture God saying that human being will be blown away. There is another verse in the Goseigen that says something to the effect that anyone who doesn’t follow Mahikari will be ‘‘beaten to a pulp’’. Can’t see God saying that either. The above text indicates that because man is so thirsty (greedy, if you believe the Goseigen) for knowledge and power they will end up being blown away.

Mahikari believes science is the wrong way, the only way is spirituality. Spirituality and Science cannot co-exsist together. I don’t know about the other former members, but when I first joined Mahikari, there was a constant emphasis on ‘the end of the world’, the ‘dawn of a new society that only kumite will survive’.

I know members in Australia who even say Kanbu went so far as to make them pack an emergency bag of what they would take with them if the end should come. My husband is still a active member of Mahikari ; and although the ‘end of the world’ theory is rejected by many now, my husbad says Kanbu now preach about how man, with their nuclear weapons, will destory the world. Hence supporting the Goseigen text that states men will be ‘‘blown away’’.

This ties into the whole idea that science is wrong. Men created bombs by using scientific knowledge, thus the world will be blown away because of bombs made by men through the use of science.

Modern man have gone too far. It is because of human greediness. It has tempted man to use medicine as a means to make money and has also tempted him to consume it. It is because of his avarice. It has made man desire only the pleasures of comfort without delay. There is no reaping before sowing in the arrangement with God. Avarice is one of the greatest causes of negative karma. 62 (JP 106-107)

For those of you who don’t know what the word avarice means, the definition is: Avarice: Immoderate desire for wealth; cupidity.

The Goseigen states that God gave men natural remedies to cure severe illness. Those sorts of ‘‘medicine’’, if you can call it that, is acceptable in the eyes of Mahikari. Things like green tea, herbs, and organic foods are tolerable. However, those things should always be complimented with okiyome. Anything made by a pharmaceutical company that has to be bought or paid for is wrong. The fact that man has marketed science made medicine is unforgivable; science is evil and the bane of man’s existence. Anything that is not organic and of God is wrong. This text also goes onto to say,

“It has made man desire only the pleasures of comfort without delay. There is no reaping before sowing in the arrangement with God.’’

Let me put it this way...say you have a headache, you take some Tylenol, your headache pain goes away...there’s nothing wrong with that, right ? Wrong ! Not in a Mahikari world. Whenever you are ill (as Mahikari teaches) instead of taking medications that only masks the pain (again as Mahikari teaches) you should simply suffer through it and be greatful that God is cleansing away your toxins. Otherwise you are ‘‘desiring the pleasure of comfort without delay’’...basically God expects you to suffer through sickness and maintain a sonao attitude. This attitude of no medication or treatment has even gotten some of it’s members killed. Case in point? On the Mahikari Exposed site

there is an experience story written by a woman named Christiane. She talks about how her husband was diagnosed with a sever illness that the doctor instructed they handle right away. However, instead of heeding the doctor’s warning, Christiane consulted a member of Kanbu, who told her that the doctors were only in their profession to make money. Christiane told her husband they had nothing to worry about and just continued to give her husband okiyome...not long after that her husband passed away due to complications brought on by his condition. All the Kanbu member could say was that because her husband died in such a violent way, her family and ancestors had just rid themselves of severe spiritual impurities and negative karma.

Wow...pretty cold hearted if you ask me. There is no comfort in the standard Mahikari responses. Now, let me bring this post to a close...Mahikari says that all non-organic medicine was made by man, not God to poison the body and mind...rather than God gave man the ability to create these medications to improve their health and prolong their if the Mahikari belief is correct and man is independent of God...then God is not in control of the world as we know it. He just watches as we destroy ourselves. I think I’ve proved my point. Mahikari Says...Science+Medicine=Destruction and Evil...


At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The laying on of hands is an worldwide accepted practice to transmit energy and healing. Humans have, although some people don't realise this, the power of transmiting real energy: good or bad. It deppends of the intention.
Phisics Science explains it clearly today. Read about in Alan Wolf, Michio Kaku and Fritjof Capra. Best regards from ¶.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Mats said...

In the Christian church we also do not believe that human treatment is superior to the treatment that priests or the person himself can perform with the loving presence of holy spirit. We know that human power of medicin is,as best, subordinate and in truth has God to thank for everything. In India and Japan many have learned how to treat others with their bara hands and that can only happen with the blessings of the spirit. So the question is wether you believe in the spirit or not .


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