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Outrageous Payments for the Purification of the Spirit

B. Outrageous payments for the purification of the spirit, the mind and the body as a guarantee against illnesses.

Mahikari prefers to call them ‘donations’, not payments. Call it whatever you want, but when it’s mandatory it’s all the same thing. Mahikari would argue that donations are not mandatory, but when your option is to pay or risk your spiritual connection with God being severed…I would say that sounds pretty mandatory to me. It’s difficult to find text in the Goseigen stating specifically that you are supposed to offer donations…most of it just babbles on about compensation…however, anyone who has ever been a member of Mahikari, especially if you have chosen to move up to secondary or tertiary levels, knows that the Kanbu is constantly harassing you about making donations and paying your monthly membership fee.

Part of the reason that the Goseigen is so vague on the subject of donations is because the demand for donations didn’t really come about until Keishu took over the organization. Of course, Kotama asked that his followers make donations with a positive attitude, however he also stressed that if the money was not offered out of the goodness of ones heart, that God would see right through you and it was better to not donate at all.

The monthly membership fee was something that was taught when Keishu started sending her monthly lessons to the dojos around the world when Kotama died. Shortly after she started claiming to be God’s rep. on earth…she began taking it upon herself to write lessons and lectures, which were sent to dojos globally. I believe a couple of her ‘sermons’ have since been added to the Goseigen…two of them if I am not mistaken. I remember getting a copy of the little pages to put inside my Goseigen…I believe one was about donations and the other…serving God by protecting the current leader of Mahikari at all costs?...something to that effect…I tried to forget.

The only thing the Goseigen does say is… “Once thou have known God’s revelation and Law and have understood the law of offering gratitude for all good and bad from the bottom of thy heart, thou shall not allow man to neglect the mind to make recompensation for God’s blessings.” 79 (JP130)

This doesn’t come out and directly say “HEY, give me all your money!” But it sets the premise for Keishu’s later teachings about donations. Offering gratitude for all good and bad…well… lets think about how one can offer gratitude…there are only two ways (as Mahikari teaches) to offer gratitude…1: Offering okiyome…2: Donations…offering okiyome would be the choice for someone who lacks money…however, members are also taught that to take okiyome without offering a donation is like stealing from God.

Primary Kenshu text book pg. 89 says…
"In everyday life, if you wish to enjoy a more comfortable journey, you must pay for the comfort... In our approach towards God, this principle also applies. So, for the price of your happiness, as apology for your accumulated sins, and as appreciation for protection you received during the month, it is important to give your donation with a sonen of sincerity in helping to carry out God's plan and to make the ceremony grand."

Okay…what did that just say? You must show appreciation for the protection you received during the month…doesn’t that imply that you are paying for protection? You also pay for omitama, which is supposedly your protection from evil spirits that might harm you…isn’t that not paying for protection?

"When you do not willingly offer Otamagushi or do other services to God you must face other forms of compensation, which may be a great loss, as purification."

Okay…now this sounds like a threat…though I am sure Mahikari would call it a ‘warning’. If you do not make donations you will have to compensate in other ways…such as a ‘great loss’…now it doesn’t say what kind of loss so the readers mind is left to wonder. It could be the loss of a loved one, loss of money, loss of ones home, loss of transportation, death…there are so many things a person can lose.

"Even if you say you believe in God, it is only false praise unless you express your sonen in material form. Sukuinushisama has kindly taught us how to believe in God with words such as 'Respect the significance of donations'."

I find it rather sad that Mahikari members think that God is interested in something as trivial as copper, silver, and paper money. God’s kingdom is paved in gold, what would He do with copper and silver? Those metals are cheap in comparison and besides…He’s God, He can snap His fingers and make money appear. For that matter…Keishu Okada must be rich…think about it, if every Mahikari member donated $1 or it’s equivalent every day…she is getting approximately $100,000-$500,000 a week…it’s ridiculous. However, Mahikari warns its members about people who might suggest, dare I say it, ‘that they use their money the way they want.’ Mahikari cannot deal with lost revenue, so they have cut off any possibility for members to question why they are donating.

Primary Kenshu Textbook pg. 84

"People often say, "That's a money-making religion. They're telling you only the good things. You are stupid. You are being fooled. It's your right to work, earn and spend as you like by yourself. If God has great love, it's natural that He saves us.”

Maybe if people keep saying that it’s a money making religion…perhaps it’s true? I don’t know…all these former members on the internet must not know what they’re talking about. We’re just grinding our axes…even though we’re the ones who have nothing to lose or gain from this. Mahikari is the one trying to prevent lost revenue. I feel bad for the members that think that they can pay their way into God’s favor. God loves everyone. He doesn’t rate you based on how much you pay…if He did you would then be paying for God’s love.

These are the words of those who don't know clearly the difference between the wrong way and the true way, or the true God and an evil deity. Moreover these are the people who have never experienced anything mysterious. What a pity if you are wheedled by these people into going away from the entrance of Mahikari's house, the place of salvation of the supreme God (Su-God). That would mean leaving the gate of happiness and taking the road to hell by yourself. You would only have gotten a glimpse of the inside. Now please be careful, for this itself is the sign of the revival of disorders caused by evil spirits."

Well…I guess I am taking the road to hell by myself…and you know what? It feels good. You members cannot imagine what it’s like…to have a mind of your own, make your own decisions, to enjoy life without obligation, to enjoy the world God has created for you with open eyes…it’s amazing. I thank God every day for taking me away from the entrance to Mahikari’s house…

(Thanks to KitKat for finding all the Primary Kenshu texts.)


At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sukyo mahikari is an amazing organization that aims to help society create a more heavenly way of life. There is absolutely no pressure to offer any donations at all. In fact having been a member for 16 years i have never been approached about offering money or any other material goods. Instead people are encouraged to become better people by trying to be more humble, grateful, kind, offering community service, accepting, well mannered and positive. Sukyo Mahikari has made my life so much brighter, meaningful and full of joy. Thanks you very much for your ideas though. It's always good to see situations from someone elses point of view.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Darcy said...


Thank you for your comment. I would love to hear more of what you have to say, so if you could from now on, use a pen name so that I can identify you from the other people who chose to write anonymously. It can be simple like Kit-Kat's name, but just something to idenitfy you from the rest. It is always helpful for someone who might be considering Mahikari as a spiritual path to see both the positive and the negative aspects.

All religions have something positive to offer and Mahikari is no exception. While I was a part of Mahikari I met amazing people, who genuinely wanted to save the world. If Mahikari has enriched your life then I am happy for you, I wish you God speed, however, I know so many more people who have suffered from the negative side of Mahikari than gained from the positive.

I was involved in Mahikari from the time I was 18 until I was I too have experienced what Mahikari has to offer. I must say that my opinion of the organization is a major contrast from your opinion. Mahikari made my life full of guilt and self-hatred because I felt like all the suffering I was going through was self-inflicted from past lives.

Now I have a new outlook. Mahikari's view of everyone who does not receive light, purify their souls, and receive primary kenshu will be "blown away" or self-destruct cannot coinside in my life.

I cannot believe with so many people who have never heard of Mahikari, that they will all suffer an unimaginable compensation after they pass on. I have met so many wonderful people who have never heard of Mahikari, wonderful, loving, beautiful people, and all I have to say is if these people are not going to be a part of the next civilization then I do not want to go.

I have to believe that God is perfect and if God is perfect, then He cannot have any of the negative human traits like envy, rage, wrath, or greed. He has to be perfect which means He is all knowing, all loving, and all forgiving. I cannot believe that He will damn billions of people...all but the 500,000 Mahikari members.

If you believe that then I pity you. You poor thing, as soon as you start buying into the belief that God is angry, mean, and wrathful if you do not follow His specific Mahikari instructions, you have lost Him. He loves you and He loves me and neither of us are going to be punished for how we chose to's all a part of the soul perfecting process that we go through. I will pray for you and for your piece of mind. I hope some day you will be able to accept God's love and truly know that He is pure love without hatred or anger towards those who fail to live a certain way. Peace be with you.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...


Mahikari does demand that you pay your monthly membership fee and yes, they will call you if you fail to do so. The only exception to that is if you are a minor and still live with your parents, they don't expect young adults and children to pay a membership fee. However, their parents are encouraged to pay a fee on their child's behalf.

So now I have to ask...are you a Mahikari baby or were you raised within Mahikari? Because if you are only 16 or 17 years old, of course Mahikari is not going to expect you to pay, your family does that for you.

As for community service, you forgot to mention that they encourage community service only if you do it as on an individual basis and outside of the organization. The organization would never donate or participate in community service...and yoko gardening and offering okiyome hardly qualifies as community service, as it only benefits people who know about Mahikari and come to the dojo.

As for the other adjectives you used to describe the way Mahikari teaches you should act: humility, gratitude, kind, well mannered...those are all attributes that the Japanese hold in high regard, which is why so much emphasis is put on them within Mahikari. In America you are expected to behave that way, but it is not something that is pushed.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I am curious as to how you think they help create a more heavenly way of life?

I was a member for almost ten years. In my case, they created a hellish life by conjuring up black magic. They also created a culture of constant worry and self doubt with their endless speculation on karmic matters related to the most mundane of tasks. If you think constant speculation of your every action is heavenly, I suggest you change the name to Tyrannical Micromanagement or something...and if you think that purporting to be a science without backing evidence is heavenly, then heaven must be full of other frauds as well.

They do absolutely nothing for the world at large as far as contributing to the overall comfort of mankind. In fact,they don't even publicize their "religion" to the world at large, because this would bring scrutiny. Its not that only certain people are's because it was built on lies, and now the lies are out for the world to see...
Lucifer was called a light bearer too...

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Joe said...

no reply from anonymous...i'm still waiting...

At 4:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

somehow God and money do not go hand in hand. Though i am a kumite and pay my RHO regularly i fail to understand this practice. Somehow to me it seems you are continuously paying for your protection.this is not a charecter of God whose love is so unconditional.This is annonymous2

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Darcy said...

Anonymous 2,

You're right. Money and God do not go hand in hand. It is my opinion that the link between money and God was put into practice by early Christians in about 325 AD...this was a huge transition period for the Christian faith (they argued the divinity of Jesus Christ, whether reincarnation exists, etc...)in the end a lot was edited and what once was the unaltered word of God became a distorted mess.

Back then government and church were interlinked and worked together for personal gain...perhaps it was the church leaders who added in the verses about money when the verses for the Bible were being selected.

Even Catholics once practiced that the more money one donates the better the chance of them saving their relatives who were stuck in the end a lot of religions became greedy and decided to follow the old churches examples...if you're going to serve God, why not get rich doing it, right?

To ask for money to ensure that the church is maintained and kept in the best shape for those who go to worship as well as pay the pastors and priests is fine, but to say that God demands that you pay this money or you are a sinner, or your connection to him will be served is wrong.

If you want to charge a membership fee in order to make sure expenses are paid...great...but don't make a check list for donations that say 'if you check this box your sins will be frogiven'...or if you 'check this box God will know that you're greatful'...God will know if you're greatful with or without a donation and he understands when it is not possible to pay.

All religions, not just Mahikari, are guilty for using fear in order to get money out of people.

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Lara said...

I might not know which religion, if any, is the correct path to God...though I would like to think that all religions are correct and that God has just offered many ways to get to Him...but I do know that God is going to protect me because He loves me, not because I pay for Him to protect me. If God is anything like the way Mahikari makes Him out to be...I hope I go straight to hell.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have received Light often and have never been asked to pay.However the changes I feel after receiving Light are priceless.I love it.

At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

Joe, I love the points you and Darcy & Asher make on this. You do not have to PAY God for protection. I really hope that this site and other sites like Anne's continue to share the truth about Mahikari/Sukyo Mahikari. It is help to know others who have escaped all the deception of this cult. If you have a chance, please share your stories/comments on other sites so people know to get the word out and prevent others from wasting their good intentions on a bunch of lies. . .

At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that receiving the divine light with lot of gratitude makes the spirit to open to the positive and that's the way someone can really experience what Sukyo Mahikari is in its essence.

This amaizing and beautiful art is not to be explained and to be centre of polemics. God's light is something that the spirit can experience, but that human reason could never explain and totally understand.

Kumite from Venezuela.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Bergspprofilens vindar said...

If you think money is an important factor in the relationsip with God and Humans then it follows that attitude is the key to practise . Imagine the world full of economic surplus. Everybody having more than neccessary. What would the issue with money be at Seiho? Money is for "compensating" that should mean sacrifice. You make an offering of something humanly valuable to gain something divine. But if money is surplus maybe compensation will change into something else. (World economy is in turbulence and remember that US economy is very very dependant on loans.)But God as the world knows him through Mahikari is not as a human person , no, divine Kami is a joyful compassion with intelligens and awareness far beyond human understanding and we are truly blessed to have the opportunity to become aware of Divine Deva Kami True Light Mahikari in our lifes. Based on the Rock we stand as One - Hale-ei-ya !

At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been a member for years and they do pressure people to make offerings if they are not in on time. Guests are also encouraged to make offerings for appreciation for receiving light.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger lynel gardner said...

Even Churches pass the basket around. How else do you pay for the electricity. The offerings that Mahikari asks are nominal, voluntary and cheap in comparison to the Catholic Church which ask for at least 10% of your income for tithing. This practice of giving to god is not new,we used to sacrifice our livestock before god, because that was wealth. This was before we had a money system of exchange. Money holds greater value today so when we offer it to god, it is a sacrifice. Nobody in Mahikari is asked to offer anything beyond their means or forced. It is suggested as a way of offering gratitude to god or the practice of gratitude. So it is the practice of offering that teaches us sincerity. So it does not matter the offering. To say that it is forced is a grave misunderstanding of the practice of the offering of sincerity. And even when you cannot offer money, there are other forms of offering service in Mahikari that is appreciated by god.


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