Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Exploitation of cheap labour and voluntary work

E: Exploitation of cheap labour and voluntary work as a form of purification of the soul and of redemption.

There is no possible way that Mahikari can deny this claim. All anyone need do is contact a Socho, Hancho, or anyone else who works at the dojo who is not directly below Keishu or the head of their countries sector. Keishu’s Doshis are well paid to maintain her house, serve as bodyguards, garner new members, and God knows what else. High level Kanbu members like Dr. Tebecis are very wealthy because of their increased wages. Mahikari pays for their homes, cars, food, and anything else they want.

Sochos, on the other hand, get paid a teachers salary, sometimes less, and are told that they are erasing their sins and impurities by maintaining the dojo. Some Sochos even live at the centre if they are not married with children.

Hanchos don’t get paid at all, but instead are told that they should be honoured to do divine service for Su-God. I once knew a Hancho who was at the dojo every night (neglecting her family in order to offer divine service), working with children during monthly ceremonies, bringing in flowers, aiding Doshis with Kenshu classes, taking Tai members on fieldtrips, bending over backwards for Mahikari and did she ever see a dime? No, instead she was asked to donate even though she was doing all of this divine service.

Fear is used in order to keep members from complaining about divine service. They are told that Kumite have more sins and impurities than normal people, that is why God has called them to be members of Mahikari, to erase their sins and impurities faster through true light, divine service, and evangelism.

Guilt is another factor used to keep Kumite in line. Kumite are told that they must make sure that their families are all members. “If you cannot even save your family you will not be able to save anyone else.” is often what Kumite are told. Kumite are also told that if someone they love refuses to become a member that it is because of the kumite’s sins and impurities, not the reluctant person’s impurities. Kanbu will then encourage them to do more divine service, telling them that the sooner they erase their own impurities the sooner their loved one will join. This encourages members to spend more time at the dojo, and instead of building a relationship with the person they want to bring into Mahikari, neglecting them in the process of spending every waking moment at the centre.

What it boils down to is this; Mahikari members are told that there are three ways eliminate your sins and impurities.

1) Offering True Light (No donation with true light means stealing from God)
2) Making Donations (Always the best way)
3) Divine Service (IE: volunteering to look after the centre, organizing ceremonies, purchasing flowers, harboring members of Kanbu when they visit, taking care of shrines and Goshintai, cleaning the centre, taking last minute trips to other states or countries without question and at their own expense, etc)

As you can see any kind of physical labor is considered divine service and therefore members should be grateful and do these task without expecting compensation.


At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Money has become a big issue. All of us belive in charity, bot to be told that your True light will be severed if you do not offer RHO does not fit well with me.God does not care about money, He cares about how well you used your money, He does not care about the size of your car, He cares about how many people you shared yourcar with. God can only be found in the love you have in your heartys.

At 7:26 AM, Blogger Darcy said...

Beautifully put. I am assuming the reason so much more emphasis is being put on money is because membership is decreasing, but to threaten people's salvation if they don't pay up is just wrong.

God has no use for money so the claim that the money is for God is ludacris. Now if Mahikari did it the way the Christian churches do...where they say God asks that you donate 10% to take care of the church (dojo) and help pay the pastors/priests (Sochos and Doshis)...then I can understand.

The Socho has to eat too, but to threaten people is not right. Some people are not able to donate. I rmemeber when I was working and living on my own prior to getting married...I would constantly be worried if my pendant was going to be cut off because I could not make my 10% tithe and donate before receiving okiyome. I was living off of a $1200 a month income.

Donations were hard to come by and what made it worse was when Kanbu would approach me and say, "I know you have a difficult living situation, but the membership fee is due and in order to continue receiving divine protection, you must make a donation." Many times I went without food and had to mooch off friends in order to pay that fee, but I was so scared I did it.

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Darcy said...

Plus, why does Keishu preach materialism is bad, but then ride around in nice cars, live in a nice home, fly first class, and stay in five star hotels...I think that was one of the things that made me decide to quit. Practice what you preach. If the leaders cannot abide by the teachings no one else should be expected to either.

Jesus practiced what he taught and lived what he tauht...as would any true messiah.

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said. If materialism is bad, then why have such grand ceremonies or opulent monuments?Look for the creator within you because that is where He resides.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Kara said...

I definitely agree. I was never a member, but I have to say just going to the dojo to receive light was nice...if that was all Mahikari was about I probably would not have had an issue with it, unfortunately there is so much emphasis on spirits and negative karma which (in my opinion) is only used to control members through fear.

I mean...prior to Asher leaving SM he would freak out at me for having my feet pointed in the direction of the Goshintai and ancestor altar...and the scary thing is that he truly believed that something terrible would happen to me if I continued to disrespect the shrine...silly.

At 12:35 AM, Blogger RICHWEB said...

As usual with people who love to accuse, point fingers and distort truth to suit their ends, you clearly have little or no idea of what Mahikari entails. Try taking a primary course and LEARNING instead of sitting at your keyboard and criticizing.


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