Monday, June 12, 2006

Sukyo Mahikari: Why it CANNOT Coincide with Christianity

Sukyo Mahikari likes to use the fact that they can coincide with all religions as a marketing tool to gather members. This convenient tactic works initially because okiyome is universal (according to Sukyo Mahikari). It doesn’t matter what you believe, okiyome should always be the main focus. As long as you are focusing on cleansing your sonen and purifying your spiritual body, what you believe as far as doctrine goes is irrelevant. This is what all potential members of Sukyo Mahikari are told; and at first, it is true. However, Sukyo Mahikari does not stop there…it is presupposed that members will start believing the Sukyo Mahikari doctrine the more they attend ceremonies and okiyome sessions at dojo. Eventually, it becomes impossible to keep all of ones previous beliefs in tact. Sukyo Mahikari would have potential members believe otherwise, but below are a list of quotes from the Goseigen that go against the beliefs of other religions.

The Principle of Selecting God (Senshin No Gi)
Revelation @ 1:00AM on May 30, 1959

Quote 1: “There are various gods. There is (Su-No-Kami, Nonno-No-kami). There are His assistant gods, their vassal gods, and still vassal gods of these vassal gods. There are many kinds and levels. The physical bodies of holy gods, God’s children, are humans and all creatures begin to die, and it became necessary to create the astral realm.” 46(JP 79-80)

-In Christian theology one of the commandments (the set of universal rules that unite Christians) states that “Thou shall have no other Gods before me”. In Sukyo Mahikari they believe that although there is one supreme ruler, there are also several smaller Gods, this beliefs stems from Shintoism, which is the most populated religion in Japan. This is an immediate contradiction with Christian faith, as Christians are adamant that there is ONE God, not One ruling God governing a heaven filled with several demi-Gods assistant-Gods, and vassal-Gods. There is no mention of any other God’s in Biblical text, on the contrary there are several stories of communities being wiped out by God’s jealous wrath at them worshipping any God other than Himself.

Sukyo Mahikari might argue that they are not putting any God’s before the supreme ruler God, but that is not entirely true. Sukyo Mahikari holds Kotama Okada just as high as God. In fact, in some of the youth poetry that is written they are quoted as saying, “Su God and our Master are dancing, too. Holding hands and celebrating with me and with you!” This leads one to believe that Heaven is governed by both God and “Savior” Kotama Okada. Sukyo Mahikari

This causes one to draw the conclusion that in Sukyo Mahikari, the relationship between Kotama and God mirrors that of the Christian relationship of Jesus Christ and God. Some of you still might not see a problem with this, but now allow me to point out that Jesus Christ in Christian theology is God is human form, part of the holy trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). See what I am getting at? Jesus was God in human form, God Himself, Kotama was not. Therefore, it is unacceptable for a Christian to regard SM doctrine as correct without contradicting beliefs.

Quote 2: “Men will become chaotic by using so-called religions which they have been selfishly taking advantage of. They will eventually bring about a world of Reversed Way and be reprimanded by great gods (Ohokami) and great buddhas (Ohobotoke).” 48 (JP 83-84)

-Again, here we see more references of other “great Gods” that will reprimand non-believers. However, despite that we see the first indication that religions that do not teach Sukyo Mahikari doctrine are “so-called” religions. Later, in Tertiary Kenshu, one learns Sukyo Mahikari’s version of events as far as the life of Jesus Christ is concerned. For those of you who do not know, this states that Jesus Christ was not crucified, but rather his twin brother took his place on the cross, and Jesus lived until the ripe old age of 106.

Why does SM teach this? Well, in order to truly convert Christians, they have to eliminate the idea that Jesus Christ is the Savior; in order to be truly indoctrinated in Sukyo Mahikari one must believe that Kotama Okada is the Savior. Recognizing that it is impossible to have more than one Savior, SM removes Jesus’ divine works, giving him a smaller role as a messenger God. Now, any true Christian knows that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father, except through me.” This means that no one goes to heaven unless they accept Jesus into their hearts as the savior of their souls.

The Source of Happiness (Sachi No Moto)
Revelation @ 5:00AM on June 15, 1959

Quote 3: “However, I shall tell thee that god’s true mistake in the prayer and art to create and complete all creatures in the most ancient era was committed in the very beginning.” 54 (JP 93-94-95)

-Here is problem number three. Sukyo Mahikari would be so bold as to say that God makes mistakes! In Christianity one is taught that God is perfect in every possible aspect. Everything happens because He wills it and He does not make mistakes. Everything, the good and bad, happen because He wills it; because it is apart of the greater scheme of things. God is sovereign, everything happens for his good and our glory. And we know that in all things god works for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Romans

The Time to Eliminate the Spiritual Poisons (Dokki Shojo No yo)
Revelation @ 3:00AM on August 15, 1959

“It is the present intellectually poison man who has soiled and defiled the supreme and wondrous works of God’s Wisdom, filled it up with villainy and has neither realized the blunder, nor the necessity to apologize to the creator. Isn’t it correct that man has hardened its brain to the core with poisons and argues for the sake of arguing with whatever minute part of wisdom he still possesses? Man is counterfeiting everything and is proud of it; swaggered and self-conceited, insisting on his science, wisdom and freedom of his pursuit of knowledge. He has changed the divine science into a monstrous science, God’s knowledge into one that will self-destruct and true medical science which should be the sublime science into something completely different, far from the divine principle of perfect health (Ken).” 60 (JP 102-103-104)

-Here we see a blatant contradiction. In the last quote Sukyo Mahikari made the claim that God makes mistakes, however, here they try to push the idea that God’s knowledge is supreme to human knowledge. Which is it Mahikari? Is God perfect or not? It seems to me that Sukyo Mahikari tries to make God human at one point and then divine in another.

“Intellectual poison has polluted Hito (man), the child of God, from all directions, who at one time was a Godly man, and changed him into a clot of poison that has even penetrated his brain where it still remains.” 61 (JP 105)

-Here the Goseigen says that man was once Godly. In the Christian faith we are taught that no one is Godly, we are all God’s children, made in His image, but the Bible says that no one is perfect, which means that no one is like God or Godly.

“The seed people are of extreme importance to the creator in order to establish the next civilization. Unless man is purified, he cannot become seed. That is the reason why I allow them to eliminate their poisons.”

-Here is another bold quote by Sukyo Mahikari. Here, they insinuate that God needs us! Us! Mere mortals! No, Sukyo Mahikari, not so. This also does not gel with Christianity. Any Christian knows that God does not need us, He wants us, but that is a different story. Sukyo Mahikari tends to give God less power than He has. What they do not realize is that if God wanted to create a new civilization, He could do it and He could do it with the snap of a finger without the help of Kumite. I think many people fall into believing Sukyo Mahikari because it makes them feel as thought they have a purpose; the purpose to purify and prepare people for the next civilization. Christians believe that the only reason we have free will is so we can find our way to God so He can earn our love. God could have easily made us all God-fearing/loving mindless drones whose only purpose is to worship Him day in and day out, but He didn’t, because when we come to Him and choose to love Him, it is more rewarding for Him. That is our only job on earth, to love God.

“However, modern man has gone too far. It is because of human greediness. It has tempted man to use medicine as a means to make money and has also tempted him to consume it.”

-Christians are firm believers that God gave us the ability to make medicine because He wants us to use it. Here is a similar analogy: Christians believe that sex is a wonderful thing, however, only within the sanctity of marriage…the same goes for medicine. God gave us the knowledge to create it in order to heal us, but when we start crossing the boundaries and venturing to cloning and trying to be Gods ourselves, that is when we have overstepped the line. As for man using medicine for money, yes some us it for greed, but as long as other are still benefiting from its positives, it is a necessary evil.

“There are some who are kin to God. Some who are endowed with a soul and a art that are necessary for the next civilization. Some souls are obedient enough to immediately reform themselves. Thou shall eliminate their spiritual poison with the “afterfire of God’s Love,” although thou cannot do it alone. I let the holy spirit of true light hole communion with thee so that thou can eliminate their poisons and teach mankind the Art of Spiritual Purification. This is one of the missions of the Holy Spirit of Yo. Thus men can be free from spiritual, mental, and physical poisons and ripen to be pure seed-man. This is the first step in becoming a true child of God, who can be developed further to become divine. Should the present condition continue, the world of Yotsu-a shall come. If thou can understands the truth of the World of Yotsu-a, thou can fulfill the mission of a true herald of God.”

-Here we start to see the pompous side of Kumite. The Goseigen talks about how Kumite are purer than the rest of the world and how their mission is above all others. The Bible says, “There is no one righteous; not even one. There is no one who seeks, no one who understands.” This verse plainly states that no one is good, no one is better than anyone else, we are all sinners of an equal degree.

“You are essentially God’s children. You have “godhood.” Therefore, humans shall eventually become ones who are able to do what is done by God sometime in the future.”

-Here Sukyo Mahikari again shows its pompous side by saying that eventually man will become like God and be able to do things that God can do. However, to most Christians this would be considered blasphemy. If we become Gods ourselves, then what purpose would God serve? If we could do what God does, then what separate God from us? Nothing.

“Thou shall become a “child of light” and foster holy servants who can give light. It is thy meritorious feat. It is the source for salvation of people. It is time to extend the palm of your hand without hesitation.”

-Salvation is through Christ alone. The Goseigen states by extending the palm on can achieve salvation. Christians believe you are saved by your love of God alone. Your love of God and Jesus Christ is the only thing that will save you in the end. Your works mean nothing. The Bible says, “If I speak in tongues of angels, but have not love, I’m only a resounding noise. If I have the gift of knowledge, and if my faith moves mountains high, but have not love, I am nothing.” Christians believe this 100%. You could be the kindest person in the world, but without a relationship with God you will NOT be saved. Why would a creator permit you to come and be with Him, if you have not served Him faithfully? If you have not repented and given Him your love?

“There is distortion in all Shintoism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Here also exists one of the causes of another quake in this world and the chaos of the world. Thou shall correct them to the best of thy ability.”

-Again more talk of other religions being wrong.

“Although the end of the world is approaching, those who are serving with sincerity shall be forgiven.”

-More talk of works being the source of salvation; AKA the more you pay the more you gain.