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Sukyo Mahikari: Why it CANNOT Coincide with Christianity

Sukyo Mahikari likes to use the fact that they can coincide with all religions as a marketing tool to gather members. This convenient tactic works initially because okiyome is universal (according to Sukyo Mahikari). It doesn’t matter what you believe, okiyome should always be the main focus. As long as you are focusing on cleansing your sonen and purifying your spiritual body, what you believe as far as doctrine goes is irrelevant. This is what all potential members of Sukyo Mahikari are told; and at first, it is true. However, Sukyo Mahikari does not stop there…it is presupposed that members will start believing the Sukyo Mahikari doctrine the more they attend ceremonies and okiyome sessions at dojo. Eventually, it becomes impossible to keep all of ones previous beliefs in tact. Sukyo Mahikari would have potential members believe otherwise, but below are a list of quotes from the Goseigen that go against the beliefs of other religions.

The Principle of Selecting God (Senshin No Gi)
Revelation @ 1:00AM on May 30, 1959

Quote 1: “There are various gods. There is (Su-No-Kami, Nonno-No-kami). There are His assistant gods, their vassal gods, and still vassal gods of these vassal gods. There are many kinds and levels. The physical bodies of holy gods, God’s children, are humans and all creatures begin to die, and it became necessary to create the astral realm.” 46(JP 79-80)

-In Christian theology one of the commandments (the set of universal rules that unite Christians) states that “Thou shall have no other Gods before me”. In Sukyo Mahikari they believe that although there is one supreme ruler, there are also several smaller Gods, this beliefs stems from Shintoism, which is the most populated religion in Japan. This is an immediate contradiction with Christian faith, as Christians are adamant that there is ONE God, not One ruling God governing a heaven filled with several demi-Gods assistant-Gods, and vassal-Gods. There is no mention of any other God’s in Biblical text, on the contrary there are several stories of communities being wiped out by God’s jealous wrath at them worshipping any God other than Himself.

Sukyo Mahikari might argue that they are not putting any God’s before the supreme ruler God, but that is not entirely true. Sukyo Mahikari holds Kotama Okada just as high as God. In fact, in some of the youth poetry that is written they are quoted as saying, “Su God and our Master are dancing, too. Holding hands and celebrating with me and with you!” This leads one to believe that Heaven is governed by both God and “Savior” Kotama Okada. Sukyo Mahikari

This causes one to draw the conclusion that in Sukyo Mahikari, the relationship between Kotama and God mirrors that of the Christian relationship of Jesus Christ and God. Some of you still might not see a problem with this, but now allow me to point out that Jesus Christ in Christian theology is God is human form, part of the holy trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). See what I am getting at? Jesus was God in human form, God Himself, Kotama was not. Therefore, it is unacceptable for a Christian to regard SM doctrine as correct without contradicting beliefs.

Quote 2: “Men will become chaotic by using so-called religions which they have been selfishly taking advantage of. They will eventually bring about a world of Reversed Way and be reprimanded by great gods (Ohokami) and great buddhas (Ohobotoke).” 48 (JP 83-84)

-Again, here we see more references of other “great Gods” that will reprimand non-believers. However, despite that we see the first indication that religions that do not teach Sukyo Mahikari doctrine are “so-called” religions. Later, in Tertiary Kenshu, one learns Sukyo Mahikari’s version of events as far as the life of Jesus Christ is concerned. For those of you who do not know, this states that Jesus Christ was not crucified, but rather his twin brother took his place on the cross, and Jesus lived until the ripe old age of 106.

Why does SM teach this? Well, in order to truly convert Christians, they have to eliminate the idea that Jesus Christ is the Savior; in order to be truly indoctrinated in Sukyo Mahikari one must believe that Kotama Okada is the Savior. Recognizing that it is impossible to have more than one Savior, SM removes Jesus’ divine works, giving him a smaller role as a messenger God. Now, any true Christian knows that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father, except through me.” This means that no one goes to heaven unless they accept Jesus into their hearts as the savior of their souls.

The Source of Happiness (Sachi No Moto)
Revelation @ 5:00AM on June 15, 1959

Quote 3: “However, I shall tell thee that god’s true mistake in the prayer and art to create and complete all creatures in the most ancient era was committed in the very beginning.” 54 (JP 93-94-95)

-Here is problem number three. Sukyo Mahikari would be so bold as to say that God makes mistakes! In Christianity one is taught that God is perfect in every possible aspect. Everything happens because He wills it and He does not make mistakes. Everything, the good and bad, happen because He wills it; because it is apart of the greater scheme of things. God is sovereign, everything happens for his good and our glory. And we know that in all things god works for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Romans

The Time to Eliminate the Spiritual Poisons (Dokki Shojo No yo)
Revelation @ 3:00AM on August 15, 1959

“It is the present intellectually poison man who has soiled and defiled the supreme and wondrous works of God’s Wisdom, filled it up with villainy and has neither realized the blunder, nor the necessity to apologize to the creator. Isn’t it correct that man has hardened its brain to the core with poisons and argues for the sake of arguing with whatever minute part of wisdom he still possesses? Man is counterfeiting everything and is proud of it; swaggered and self-conceited, insisting on his science, wisdom and freedom of his pursuit of knowledge. He has changed the divine science into a monstrous science, God’s knowledge into one that will self-destruct and true medical science which should be the sublime science into something completely different, far from the divine principle of perfect health (Ken).” 60 (JP 102-103-104)

-Here we see a blatant contradiction. In the last quote Sukyo Mahikari made the claim that God makes mistakes, however, here they try to push the idea that God’s knowledge is supreme to human knowledge. Which is it Mahikari? Is God perfect or not? It seems to me that Sukyo Mahikari tries to make God human at one point and then divine in another.

“Intellectual poison has polluted Hito (man), the child of God, from all directions, who at one time was a Godly man, and changed him into a clot of poison that has even penetrated his brain where it still remains.” 61 (JP 105)

-Here the Goseigen says that man was once Godly. In the Christian faith we are taught that no one is Godly, we are all God’s children, made in His image, but the Bible says that no one is perfect, which means that no one is like God or Godly.

“The seed people are of extreme importance to the creator in order to establish the next civilization. Unless man is purified, he cannot become seed. That is the reason why I allow them to eliminate their poisons.”

-Here is another bold quote by Sukyo Mahikari. Here, they insinuate that God needs us! Us! Mere mortals! No, Sukyo Mahikari, not so. This also does not gel with Christianity. Any Christian knows that God does not need us, He wants us, but that is a different story. Sukyo Mahikari tends to give God less power than He has. What they do not realize is that if God wanted to create a new civilization, He could do it and He could do it with the snap of a finger without the help of Kumite. I think many people fall into believing Sukyo Mahikari because it makes them feel as thought they have a purpose; the purpose to purify and prepare people for the next civilization. Christians believe that the only reason we have free will is so we can find our way to God so He can earn our love. God could have easily made us all God-fearing/loving mindless drones whose only purpose is to worship Him day in and day out, but He didn’t, because when we come to Him and choose to love Him, it is more rewarding for Him. That is our only job on earth, to love God.

“However, modern man has gone too far. It is because of human greediness. It has tempted man to use medicine as a means to make money and has also tempted him to consume it.”

-Christians are firm believers that God gave us the ability to make medicine because He wants us to use it. Here is a similar analogy: Christians believe that sex is a wonderful thing, however, only within the sanctity of marriage…the same goes for medicine. God gave us the knowledge to create it in order to heal us, but when we start crossing the boundaries and venturing to cloning and trying to be Gods ourselves, that is when we have overstepped the line. As for man using medicine for money, yes some us it for greed, but as long as other are still benefiting from its positives, it is a necessary evil.

“There are some who are kin to God. Some who are endowed with a soul and a art that are necessary for the next civilization. Some souls are obedient enough to immediately reform themselves. Thou shall eliminate their spiritual poison with the “afterfire of God’s Love,” although thou cannot do it alone. I let the holy spirit of true light hole communion with thee so that thou can eliminate their poisons and teach mankind the Art of Spiritual Purification. This is one of the missions of the Holy Spirit of Yo. Thus men can be free from spiritual, mental, and physical poisons and ripen to be pure seed-man. This is the first step in becoming a true child of God, who can be developed further to become divine. Should the present condition continue, the world of Yotsu-a shall come. If thou can understands the truth of the World of Yotsu-a, thou can fulfill the mission of a true herald of God.”

-Here we start to see the pompous side of Kumite. The Goseigen talks about how Kumite are purer than the rest of the world and how their mission is above all others. The Bible says, “There is no one righteous; not even one. There is no one who seeks, no one who understands.” This verse plainly states that no one is good, no one is better than anyone else, we are all sinners of an equal degree.

“You are essentially God’s children. You have “godhood.” Therefore, humans shall eventually become ones who are able to do what is done by God sometime in the future.”

-Here Sukyo Mahikari again shows its pompous side by saying that eventually man will become like God and be able to do things that God can do. However, to most Christians this would be considered blasphemy. If we become Gods ourselves, then what purpose would God serve? If we could do what God does, then what separate God from us? Nothing.

“Thou shall become a “child of light” and foster holy servants who can give light. It is thy meritorious feat. It is the source for salvation of people. It is time to extend the palm of your hand without hesitation.”

-Salvation is through Christ alone. The Goseigen states by extending the palm on can achieve salvation. Christians believe you are saved by your love of God alone. Your love of God and Jesus Christ is the only thing that will save you in the end. Your works mean nothing. The Bible says, “If I speak in tongues of angels, but have not love, I’m only a resounding noise. If I have the gift of knowledge, and if my faith moves mountains high, but have not love, I am nothing.” Christians believe this 100%. You could be the kindest person in the world, but without a relationship with God you will NOT be saved. Why would a creator permit you to come and be with Him, if you have not served Him faithfully? If you have not repented and given Him your love?

“There is distortion in all Shintoism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Here also exists one of the causes of another quake in this world and the chaos of the world. Thou shall correct them to the best of thy ability.”

-Again more talk of other religions being wrong.

“Although the end of the world is approaching, those who are serving with sincerity shall be forgiven.”

-More talk of works being the source of salvation; AKA the more you pay the more you gain.


At 7:39 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Another great post Darcy, thanks for taking the time put this together. There are a number of Biblical quotes that Mahikari uses or "distorts" to their advantage, and quotes they neglect because it would point out the incompatability with Christianity.

In Deuteronomy, there is the passage about not associating with sorcerers, mediums, etc. Mahikari likes to say that Moses travelled Japan, so I find it interesting that Deuteronomy is essentially Moses' public address to his people, and is filled with specific instructions from God.

Idol and statue worship is another Biblical no-no, so I wonder how Mahikari would reconcile the Izunome statue in every dojo???

Another Biblical passage they cite is the "spirit of truth" passage, or Jesus' promise to send a Comforter, as an attempt to validate Okada as the savior. Interestingly enough, my preliminary research on this area indicates that Islam attempts to use this as a validation of the Prophet. What the Bible actually references is The Holy Spirit. It does not address the Comforter as Savior, as is the self proclaimed title of God's so-called "carbon copy proxy robot, Okada. Jesus clearly states that anyone claiming to be a messiah prior to HIS return is a false messiah.

Most of Mahikari's success with Christians is based on the true lack of Biblical teaching in most denominations, and it plays conveniently to the fact that able reasoned s are looking for a universal compromise that will allow them to embrace the peoples of the world without denying them their religious beliefs.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Darcy said...

Thanks, Joe. You just gave me the next idea for my new post. I think I'll briefly discuss Biblical text that is incompatible w/ SM...Oh, and was this the verse you were thinking of?

EXO 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Darcy said...

Oh! And here is one against the ancestral shrine as well...

ACT 15:29 You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things. Farewell.

At 7:28 AM, Blogger Joe said...

There are a number of verses in the four Gospels. Here is one from Luke 21, it is the King James version. Other versions use the word Messiah.

8And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

9But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.

10Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

11And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Some other passages iclude Isaiah 2, 42 and 43 and Ezekiel 13 and 14.

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Lee said...

Have you ever even practiced the art of Mahikari? Can you not remember anything positve about your experiences with true light that may have inspired you to become initiated? I read one of your earlier posts quite by accident one night and you sounded quite disillusioned, which is something that, unfortunately, is not uncommon in Sukyo Mahikari- I feel your pain. I'll give you that many a time coordinators and persons with that type of responsibility have often failed to guide members to whom they are responsible especially in times of intense purifications and this can truly be a disappointment. However it does not negate the fact that at one point you heard the teachings they gave you hope and you made a decision to serve God in this capacity. If this is not the case and you were somehow forced into becoming a member, well then I can say that I understand the reason for your perspective. If not, then I'm guessing that there was some sort of incident hurt you so deeply that you have decided to go this way. I have had numerous positve testimonies over the past eight years and there have also been dificult trials and the only difference between the two was my approach to the situation. You are quite correct in saying that God does not need us, the fact is that he loves us so much that he is giving us a chance to work off our spiritual impurities by serving Him in this truly extraordinary way, which he has taken great pains to arrange. How do you explain all the miracles that so many of us have experienced personally sometimes right before our very eyes.Do you truly believe this to be a deception? I don't think so. I have experienced too much good to even entertain any doubts. Your clever semantics and isolated, out-of-context quotes from the Holy words cause me some concern, especially when you conveniently exchange an upper case 'G' for a lower case 'g' and vice versa when speaking about God and gods. I'm sure you know the significance, if I'm mistaken I apologise. You may or may not know that in many cultures 'gods' are usually referred to as deities in God's support staff. Some cultures refer to them simply as 'angels' or 'saints' and the descriptions will vary depending on the cultural or religious background of source of the doctrine.
It is interesting to note that in many Christian churches there are statues and figures of 'Saints' and 'Angels' to whom prayers are offered, then Izunome statue should not pose a problem for you.
Well it has been fun, I've never done this sort of thing before but I truly pray that you can have you doubts sorted out and that you can return to raising your hand courageously and if you are ever in Trinidad & Tobago I hope I get to meet you. Bye for now - got to get some rest people to give light to later today some of them have been having wonderful experiences.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Lee said...

Have you ever even practiced the art of Mahikari? Can you not remember anything positve about your experiences with true light that may have inspired you to become initiated? I read one of your earlier posts quite by accident one night and you sounded quite disillusioned, which is something that, unfortunately, is not uncommon in Sukyo Mahikari- I feel your pain. I'll give you that many a time coordinators and persons with that type of responsibility have often failed to guide members to whom they are responsible especially in times of intense purifications and this can truly be a disappointment. However it does not negate the fact that at one point you heard the teachings they gave you hope and you made a decision to serve God in this capacity. If this is not the case and you were somehow forced into becoming a member, well then I can say that I understand the reason for your perspective. If not, then I'm guessing that there was some sort of incident hurt you so deeply that you have decided to go this way. I have had numerous positve testimonies over the past eight years and there have also been dificult trials and the only difference between the two was my approach to the situation. You are quite correct in saying that God does not need us, the fact is that he loves us so much that he is giving us a chance to work off our spiritual impurities by serving Him in this truly extraordinary way, which he has taken great pains to arrange. How do you explain all the miracles that so many of us have experienced personally sometimes right before our very eyes.Do you truly believe this to be a deception? I don't think so. I have experienced too much good to even entertain any doubts. Your clever semantics and isolated, out-of-context quotes from the Holy words cause me some concern, especially when you conveniently exchange an upper case 'G' for a lower case 'g' and vice versa when speaking about God and gods. I'm sure you know the significance, if I'm mistaken I apologise. You may or may not know that in many cultures 'gods' are usually referred to as deities in God's support staff. Some cultures refer to them simply as 'angels' or 'saints' and the descriptions will vary depending on the cultural or religious background of source of the doctrine.
It is interesting to note that in many Christian churches there are statues and figures of 'Saints' and 'Angels' to whom prayers are offered, then Izunome statue should not pose a problem for you.
Well it has been fun, I've never done this sort of thing before but I truly pray that you can have you doubts sorted out and that you can return to raising your hand courageously and if you are ever in Trinidad & Tobago I hope I get to meet you. Bye for now - got to get some rest people to give light to later today some of them have been having wonderful experiences.

At 7:44 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I practiced Mahikari for several years Lee. As far as the teachings that initally seemed inspiring, all I can say was that I was a poorly read Christian without solid background in either history or the Bible. That I believe is why Mahikari appeals to many people, because it selectively omits Biblical teachings that would negate its claims. More importantly, there is information regarding the true origin of the movement that was not presented to me before I joined.

The leadership in Mahikari presents enormous questions for anyone concerned about their spiritual and physical well being. If poorly trained or untrained lay people dispensing with medical opinions or intervening in the spiritual realm doesn't bother you, than that is your choice, but at least other people have the right to make an informed decision by hearing both sides first.

As for my personal experience, Mahikari did not deliver any miracles, and I found it profoundly disturbing that the claims of practicing an art that was supposedly used by Christ did not even come close to providing the healing or miracles that He did. What it did deliver was an opening into the spirtual realm that I could live without, including visions, physical phenomena, and nightmares that were beyond the pale. Unfortunately, raising my hand constantly did nothing but exacerbate the phenomena, and needless to say provided no spirtual peace or deeper connection to God.

As for the miracles experienced by other members, I can only state as I have before that it is quite possible the "power" or "light" from Mahikari emanates from a different source. Surely you are familiar with the biblical quotes regarding false signs and wonders. Frankly, we can argue round and round and neither side has conclusive proof of anything, personally I believe that the fact there is a question mark here is profound in and of itself.

Finally, I will continue to use a large G when referring to God, simply because I am trying to convey the idea of a single, omnipotnet creator. That way no one can be confused. As for the saints and statues, I don't practice catholicism nor do I pray to any statues. It is quite possible God might have a problem with the statues of Mary. They are not however referred to as gods and if you look closely, they are called upon as intercessors to petition God himself on the believers behalf.

By the way, congrats on the nil-nil tie against Sweden in the World Cup.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Anne said...

Hi Lee,

I'm not sure if your comments were intended for Darcy or Joe (or both), and I suppose you'd prefer to hear back from them rather than me. Still, I admire your bravery in speaking up for what you believe. You sound like the sort of considerate and caring people that I remember fondly from my Mahikari years.

You seem genuinely surprised that people who have ever practiced Mahikari could turn their backs on it. Once upon a time I too thought that I was experiencing wonderful miracles through practicing Mahikari. (I was a very dedicated and enthusiastic member for about 10 years.) Eventually, however, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that I had been deluded.

If you wish, you can see a little of the process that resulted in me leaving Mahikari in a website I wrote almost a year ago.

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I was totally enthralled with the messages you have posted in this self help, healing, weight loss, health, spirit, spiritual, the secret, love, prosperity, abundance, blog. Keep up the posts, I have added you to my favorites!


At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Lee said...

Hi Joe, Anne,Darcy

Thanks for your responses.(I see you are a football(soccer) fan Joe.Thanks for the kudos we're really proud of the Trinidad & Tobago team).
Very interesting this is, that we have had differing experiences. Anne, I read your web page and I understand what you are saying and in some instances I can empathise. I have met people in Mahikari who have had similar experiences. I have found that practising Mahikari can be very challenging at times for various reasons and yes it does seem that there is always an explanation and a teaching for every situation and sometimes this can be quite annoying when all you really want is relief. what has worked for me thus far is maintaining a sense of balance, let me explain. Before Mahikari I came from a very practical yet open minded Christian background which permitted me to understand other religions in a non critical manner( Trinidad & Tobago has a multi-religious society which is quite mutually tolerant, such that Christians,Muslims, Hindus etc. even celebrate eachother's religious occasions & holidays)so what I have discovered is that all religions experience contradictions and paradoxes depending upon the circumstances and the conditions to which a teaching may be applied, sort of like the perfect imperfection that is referred to in primary kenshu, somes what we may consider to be a perfect solution may lead to more chaos.
So in maintaining a balance in practicing Mahikari you need to also practise some common sense. It does not make sense to be generous beyond your means,that's really a kind of ego trip even if you feel you were coerced into doing so, it does not make sense to spend all your time cleaning the Dojo or centre and your own home is a mess. We all need to be sincere about the way we practice and not get fanatical about Mahikari or any other path, dealing in absolutes leads to the dark side (OK, so I got that from Episode 3 but you get the idea)there are times when it is necessary to extend ourselves a bit but without sincerity it just does not cut it. Anne answered some of her own questions about sonen and she may or may not have realised it. Sonen is very important but carrying out a training with unconscious or even sub conscious resentment will not help. So sometimes the leadership may give guidance hopefully, ususally with all good intentions but interpretations can be subjective and all the training in the world cannot always prevent some miscommunication and this is where our impurities can factor in. We often attract to ourselves situations that we focus upon or even fear subconsciously, because we emanate those vibations(like ants finding sugar). So the approach I take is to serve as sincerely and as practically as possible,(not always easy) take time to commune with God, He usually knows more than your coordinator, your coordinator, leader etc. have roles to play don't make them bigger than they need to be because you'll probably end up blaming them for misleading if you are dissatisfied.(We may have mislead others in another life)
To respond to some of your doubts about Okiyome, I have had many good experiences with giving light to persons who had doubts about it, to persons who were unaware that I was giving light to them but experienced miraculous relief, to persons who calmed down from a rage without any(other) explanation, to my dog at the brink of death whom I don't believe can be brainwashed by my explanations, to persons who received light once with miraculous results and to others who had to receive light many many times before any improvement was apparent. What I'm getting at is that the unseen world is a mystery at various levels to everyone except God. I wish I had more time to chat but I have to say bye for now, but in closing I'd like to say that Mahikari like every other path has its challenges,it can be downright Matrix-like at times(agents everywhere-ha ha ha), but like every path it requires patience,courage,common sense and faith in God- Mahikari members are not the only chosen ones, we all have different chosen roles, so if you have chosen not to practise Mahikari anymore I don't criticise you for that, I respect your decision, there's always a reason. But if you ever change your mind I'll be really happy too!

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

Alright, time to throw my voice in here...Lee, I don't know if you have stumbled upon my blog, but my experiences are a perfect example of what happens when people take the teachings of Sukyo Mahikari too far.

Our family is in shambles right now because my mother has been told by Sochos and Doshis that because I have rejected the teachings I am the worst kind of spiritually impure person.

Sukyo Mahikari teaches you that all people who decide to leave are spiritually disturbed and potentially dangerous (they will pull you down before you will pull them back up).

My mother has been unable to cope with me leaving because she truly believes that if someone does not take a three day course, receive a pendant, offering okiyome dilligently, and pay their membership fee, that they are damned.

I am sorry but I refuse to believe that everyone is damned except for the 500,000 Sukyo Mahikari members. Do you know how many people have never heard of Sukyo Mahikari and probably never will hear of Sukyo Mahikari? The number is staggering. Am I to just assume that it is not in their destiny to be saved? That God is not an equal opportunity employer? Or that they should be seeking something they know nothing about?

Even as a child the teachings of Sukyo Mahikari never felt true to parents are the most devote people you will ever meet so if you believe that the downstream naturally becomes clean, think again.

I have to believe that God is perfect. If He is perfect then He will not damn the other 98% of the world for not receiving a pendant. And if He is going to do that...if He is going to damn some of the most wonderful, loving, caring people I know...then I have to agree with Darcy when she said that I do not want any part of this new civilization.

If you want to know more about what I believe you can check out this website

I would also ask that you take a look at my blog and leave me a few comments. I would love to hear your opinion of my family situation and whether or not their is a fine line between being sonao and crazy.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Darcy said...


What about Okada being a member of the SKK prior to creating SM and trying to pass their teachings off as his own?

I can understand if in the Goshinati Okada said, "The SKK was not spreading the Art of True Light the way God had intended so I was called to spread the teachings in an organization apart from the SKK."

But he didn't he passed them off as his own teachings, telling members that the teachings were completely original. Now, why would a Savior lie/withold the truth? Jesus never sinned...not once in his entire life. He was perfect...Saviors are perfect...if they're not then they are merely messengers.

As for the idols in the Catholic Church, I am not Catholic...and Catholism is the only sect of Christianity that condones such acts. If you go to any kind of Prodestant Christian church and ask a pastor what they think of that practice...they will tell you it is idolatry...they would also tell you that praying to anyone besides God and Jesus (who are one and the same) is wrong...which means that prayers to saints and Mary are unacceptable.

As for me being forced into Sukyo Mahikari...I was never forced...I started going because my friend was a member and did not want to go alone...I was a Christian then and the whole process seemed wrong to me. I participated because I am diabetic and at the time I had juvenile diabetes...the doctor told me that children were not possible so I figured...what the hell, I've got nothing to loose.

The pressure to have children despite my illness was soon as I got married I was expected to start creating my seed family. In SM a woman who cannot produce children for the organization is frowned upon...but I had a child and it nearly killed me; the Kanbu told me that I would be alright because I had been receiving kidneys were completely wiped out by the end of the birth and within a few months there was pressure to have another one, "Darcy, when are you going to have your next one?"

I'll write more later, but for now...

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous The Reluctant Messenger said...

I have been a Socho(Sho-Cho)in Sukyo Mahikari for many years...I have to admit that despite my years in the organization I have recently become as you said, Lee, "disillusioned" with the teachings.

I started researching the background of our organization when a Kumite came to me with a lot of troubling questions that I did not have definitive answers for.

I started reading some of the negative material on the web and at first was horrified by some of the accusations, but eventually I decided to research and see if any of the claims made by some of these former members had merritt.

What I found was that a lot of the claims that they made concerning our organization were surprisingly true, especially the claims of Okada's involvement in the SKK. Okada lifted most of his teachings from the SKK so it is quite difficult to say that the revelations he received came from God, especially when the Goseigen says that Okada felt silly raising his hand initially...

If he was a member of the SKK he would have known exactly what to do and there would have been no awkwardness about it. This means that Okada was trying to cover the fact that he had been involved in the SKK in the Goseigen...we now know officially via Keishu's rep. that Okada was without a doubt a member of the why should we believe someone who has lied so much?

This was why I started having doubts in the teachings...a savior would be 100% honest no matter what. I still practice okiyome and I am still a practicing Sho-Cho, I guess I am too much of a coward to leave, but a lot of my faith has waivered.

Lee, I encourage you to read and absorb some of the things these former members are saying, there is more truth than you might think.

SM is becoming more paranoid than ever...I think they have been slapped with a few lawsuits in Europe, which settled out of court. This is why the claim about healing has been downplayed lately...the internet at dojos are now being monitored as well and a report of all the websites visited is shipped back to Japan with the donations for Keishu.

Kanbu members, like myself, now even have our at home computers monitored with spyware. If it is discovered that we are looking at anti-SM material we are let go on the spot. Some of the larger dojos are even required to record our conversations with kumite seeking our guidance in order to ensure that we are giving them the "correct advice".

Why all the paranoia is all I am saying...

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Lee said...

Hi folks,
very interesting comments by everyone. What's even more interesting to me is that in our region (The Caribbean, West Indies) to my knowledge we have not been experiencing Mahikari in the harsh 'hard line' approach that you have been describing. People have had difficulties and there have been conflicts but I haven't gotten the impression that you were 'damned' if you left. People have decided to return their Omitamas and some efforts would have been made to encourage them but the final decision is theirs without any pressure and sometimes they return even just to receive okiyome without any guilt trips or anything. Like I said earlier I don't believe that Mahikari members are the only 'chosen ones' it's a choice and there are many paths with different roles. So that's been my experience, maybe we're doing it differently down here, but I thank you all for the info, I'll do some checking on this end and see what I come up with and I'll get back to you. Bye for now.
P.S.(Joe if you're reading this: The
T&T football team is back home now from the World Cup, we had a great big 'welcome back' tonite. I guess the USA team is back as well, hopefully we'll do it again in 2010- Hey that kinda rhymes doesn't it.)

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Hi Reluctant and thanks for visiting with us...thanks also for the information regarding the fascist crackdown on gathering information. Has the organization explained any of this to you??? Hoe do they expect you to help people under you without a proper explanation?

Don't punish your self for not leaving or leaving. We hope you will visit us at any of our blogs if you have questions, and maybe you can share more insights on what is happening these days in Mahikari...I mean Sukyo many mahikaris I can't keep them straight now...

Sorry about the Cup loss Lee. Our Aussie friends are still in it though, and a nice upset from Ghana over the big boys of Brazil might be nice.

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous The Reluctant Messenger said... you all know, SM really doesn't care about helping anyone...its all about money. The way I see it, I can help people more by remaining in the organization and then suggesting a different spiritual path when they come to me with their issues. I am trying to help people. Plus, my family is too involved for me to make a clean break right now. My wife is really into it; and I am to blame for that, but I hope some day I will be able to approach her with my concerns.

At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your balanced approach to Mahikari, infact one should have a balanced approach to any religios organization if one wants to maintain sanity. However, at this point the whole credibility of the Mahikari organization is at stake with the information regarding the involvement of Okadas with the SKK.Read about Oomoto and Johrei and you will know why. Read the 'Divine signposts' of the Oomoto organization and 'Foundations of Paradise'of SKk and you will know why. I pen off with this line"Knowledge releases the human spirit'.

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At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think what your saying is a vain way to look at some religion.Who ever ,You are I am deeply hurt of your hash critisism and lies.Sukyo Mahikari is not black magic.I am more then hurt.My friend who is a member is crying.I hope you relize how hurtful this is

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reluctant Messenger:
I hope you dismissed your Shocho duty! I can't believe your uncongruent position, you were misleading yourself and all the others. How terrible is such a situation. I've been a Shocho too (I hope it is not a joke in your case) and after 22 years I can say Mahikari works, but it depends on how you practice and what are your (genuine) goals.
We have all a different path to the top, there is only one mountain. I'm glad for all the people who are clever and "lucky" enough to use Mahikari in a fruitful and happy way, way above the human weaknesses, his or of his fellows!

I liked the moderate and reasonable tone of this blog. God be with you.

(Seraphim, querubim, angels,archangel,dominion, powers,virtues principalities thrones from the Bible are gods from a japanese point of view, all that confusion comes from a lack of cultural knowledge of the word Kami in japanese).
Please forgive my poor english!

At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Matte said...

The problem is said to be that Jesus is the Son of God but Kotama is not the Son of God. But what if Kotama is the Son of The Son of God? Or the son of the Son of The Son of God. Jesus is Christ and the light of truth of Christ. We are all children of God of True Light, the Creator. The Son of God is said to be The One around which all is Created, therefor He is The Creator as well as The Savior. But he doesn´t have to be savior if we save ourselves with the daily practise of prayer and okiyome and happy living.

At 6:48 AM, Anonymous Matte said...

If SM could coincide with Christianity what about the teaching of The Principles? There is a lot of teachings about principles going around - in The Church and in The BAHA´I movement and in the New Age Universal movement. The Principles is said to explain the Law - The Word of God is The Law . Could it be that the Goseigen is the key to understanding contemporary world-teachings ?

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Long Time Member said...

I have been a member of Mahikari for 32 years. I have a wonderfully blessed life with 3 generations of members in my family. I have seen many minor and and a few fairly major miracles happen through the practise of True Light. By attending a primary course you cannot hope to understand the depth of the teachings or even profess to be an expert. You need to attend the intermediate and advanced courses to even get vaguely close. It is a truly wonderful spiritual practice with many, many happy and contented members. I am so sorry Joe and Darcy that you have not had positive experiences.

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Steven said...

I have been a Mahikari member for 16 years now and regardless of the facts about Sukuinushisama's life, it has saved my life many times over. I have witnessed gold flakes materialising on my sister's head and shoulders when I first gave her okiyome and I am able to function without painkillers despite having had arthritis and heart disase since I was a child. I met Oshienushisama in 2000 when she came to Australia and have never experienced such spiritual power and love emanating from a human being.
I also continue to follow Mahikari because it does not insist on its doctrines as fiercely as Christians and Muslims do and is trying to find the connections between all world religions but not to replace them.
I think it is more likely that all of the major religions have part of the truth than that one is completely right and the others are completely wrong as many Christians seem to insist. Right now wars are still being fought between Christians, Muslims and Jews because of an insistence that they are right. Rather than trying to overwhelm everyone else with your faith, try to find common ground with those of other faiths. There are millions and millions of Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists etc who are all living perfectly happy lives without believing that Christ is their Saviour.
Can I also add that someone posted some misconceptions about Mahikari, one of which was that members treat Sukuinushisama as a saviour. He was a very special man who was given the task of conveying the teachings to humanity but we do not treat him like Christ.
In another post someone said that Mahikari members believe they are God's chosen people. We do not and there are teachings warning anyone who thinks they are somehow special to think again.
Finally Sukuinushisama, Oshienushisama and Odairisama may be very special people but they also have the deepest sins and impurities and are to be commended for dedicating their lives to erasing as many of them as they can in service to God and humanity.
If you want a starting point for the common ground betwen all of the different religions, it is this: God is Light. God Bless You All.

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Steven said...

Something else that I thought of in response to the above: spiritual ideas, like cultural ones, are a mixture of revelation and borrowings. The Egyptians started the idea of Resurrection with the yearly rebirth of the God Osiris and Christianity borrowed this idea. Similarly the worship of one God began with Aken Aten in Ancient Egypt where the Jews dwelt until the Exodus. At the same time Mahikari has very strong roots in Shinto.
I am not saying all of this to undermine Christianity but just to emphasise that religions often see their teachings as hermetic and pure revelation when in fact they are part of of an evolving consciousness and cultural process. One of my favourite periods of history is pre-Inquisition Spain where Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in harmony before Spain was united under isabella and Ferdinand and one the bloodiest and most narrow minded periods in European culture began. Please be wary of fundamentalism as history shows that it does more harm than good.

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At 9:21 PM, Anonymous JVMF said...

Thank you all for your comments. I think I read those posted by Joe, Darcy, Lee, Ann and Asher. To give you all some background on me, I was a Mahikari member for a few years when I was in high school, although I was baptised as an infant and raised a Christian by my mother.I think was seeking a place to belong when I was lead into Mahikari and in high school I was not attending a Crhistian church. From what I remember, SM felt like it taught much of what I was raised to believe as a child in the Lutheran church so I naively thought it was OK. I didn't understand that it was against the commandments of my Lord Jesus Christ. After I entered SM, temptation slowly crept into my life and because I didn't know many others doing the same, I did not have a strong moral foundation. As many teenagers do, I had some conflicts with fellow members my age and after about three years, I left SM. Since I felt so different, I thought I could pursue my interests in the world...alone. (Keep in mind I was never really alone, because according to the Lutheran Christian faith, Jesus never leaves us once He unites with us in Spirit). Alone per say, I went on to college, then pursued a professional career in which I was relatively successful. I think the turning point to grace was for me when a professional colleeague asked me to be "born again" into the Christian faith. That day, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my Savior. About three years later, I was publicly baptised again as a recommittment to Jesus Christ and the mission of Christianity, which is to share the love of the one and only God who exists in a trinity of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I read the Word of God (The Holy Bible) daily and I have found precepts classes that have opened my mind to the TRUTH and I just want to share that truth with everyone. If you are or ever were baptised in the Christian faith, I urge you to read my story and also the book of Hebrews. Ask yourself, WHO is GOD and then consider WHY He gave us His Word, but please do so only if you believe in GOD and trust that He has a plan for your life, which is given by His grace, not through any kind of works.

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Dear Former Sukyo Mahikari Member,
During the 1990’s I lived in Japan and took kenshu level one. During the three day process, I could see with my inner vision the system of cording that occurs as a mechanical process during the initiation. I could see that there are three primary cords that come into the initiate’s root or base chakra, also known as an energy center. One of them goes up and around each chakra or energy center in the front of the body forming a caduceus, the other goes around each chakra or energy center in the back of the body forming another caduceus, the third goes up through one’s divine core in the middle and continues up to wrap around the underside of the crown chakra three times and then down to the root chakra again. When one gives okiyome, the center cord extends outward from the giver’s root chakra to the receiver’s root chakra and taps into their divine core, drawing out divine light, which goes up through the giver’s body and then out of the palm of the hand. At the time, I thought it was quite an ingenious method to redistribute light energy for purification because the inner core of each person is an infinite source of divine light without end.
The main problem after one quits the organization is that this cording system does not leave, and over time the cords become black and send very negative energies into one’s divine core and around the front and back of each chakra, holding the former kumite as prisoner of dark energies, the worst of which in my experience is fear. This fear energy is not generated by the individual, but is coming through the mechanical system of cording. If you wish to return to your true life without being influenced by these hellish energies, you must get these three cords removed. During the last 15 years of seeking assistance to get these cords removed, I have found only one spiritual healer who has the strength and courage to successfully remove them. You can find her at She has agreed to help any and all former members of Mahikari to remove this truly diabolical system of cording. When she removed the last cord this past week and sent it back to its source, she told me that it went into a dark galaxy.

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