Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sukyo Mahikari is a Totalitarian Sect

(Mahikari Tai Members Marching at Ceremony)

(Nazis Marching During Parade in WWII)

H: Sukyo Mahikari is a totalitarian sect (use of the swastika, the symbol of Nazi and extreme-right movements).

This is common knowledge to all Mahikari members. Mahikari Tai members have a swastika on their uniforms. Okada taught that the swastika was a Japanese symbol of peace. All Tai members have this on their uniforms except for those in the United States. If they had that garbage on their sleeves here they would probably get jumped when they went to have their parade.

This is one thing I never understood. How can these youth members know what the swastika stands for to most people, and yet still wear it proudly? They should be ashamed of themselves in my opinion…and what do the Jewish Mahikari members think? Oh, yeah…I forgot, the Holocaust was the Jews faults in the first place so they should be fine with it. I am not going to say much else, I am only going let you look at this photograph and judge for yourself. This photo gives me goose bumps. It looks very reminiscent of the Nazi marchers.

As for right wing…Mahikari teaches that democracy cannot exist. They want a theocracy. A theocracy is a government with God as the head, but most people will attest that they have never heard God speak to them directly, which makes it difficult for God to govern a country if He remains silent. Which means what? That there has to be a middle man to talk with God and relay His message to the people who do not have direct communication with Him. Who would that person be? None other than Keishu Okada, who supposedly speaks directly to God while the rest of us are left in the dark. So...what does that mean for those of us who do not believe that Keishu has any more direct communication with God than anyone else? That Keishu will be the one running the government through this theocracy, not God. Sorry to foil your plan Mahikari, I am not buying it.

Concerning the swastika and it's meaning: Kotama taught that the horizontal line of the swastika symbolized water power, which was the US and all countries to the west. He taught that the vertical line of the swastika symbolized fire power and the east, which would be Japan. He preached that fire power was going to over power water power because water could only flow vertically, while fire was versatile. Through these subtle suggestions he pushed his chauvinist Japanese propoganda; teachings his followers that Japan was holy and better than all other countries and would eventually rule.


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

creo ha calificado demasiado alegremente el significado del simbolo sin conocerlo en profundidad

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Gragnar said...

"what the swastika stands for to most people". I am Icelandic. The swastika is a religious symbol in our culture (and others). It's abuse by the German Nazi party does not give you the right to erase my culture or that of others.

At 6:02 AM, Blogger Phiroze said...

You the writer of all the nonsense has totally misunderstood the concepts.
As a Hindu in India we all know what the Swastika stands for. Mahikari teachings are perfectly in line with our Hindu holy scripts and we see nothing that is a deviation from that.
Yuo my friend are ignorant and misguided, who has not grown up to know the truth.
For your information even Pope Paul has met with Sukuinushisama our holy founder and it is after this, that Mahikari was allowed to spread in Europe and Americas.

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The laying on of hands is an worldwide accepted practice to transmit energy and healing. Humans have, although some people don't realise this, the power of transmiting real energy: good or bad. It deppends of the intention.
Phisics Science explains it clearly today. Read about in Alan Wolff, Michio Kaku and Fritjof Capra. Best regards.

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight first before you can comment. It's annoying when ignorant people comment about things they know nothing about. P.s the Swastika is from Hindu origin dating back 1000's of years

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Mats said...

The swastika stands for the combination of two elements in the service of man getting closer to God. This is something eternal and cant be influenced by anything humans think, say or do. To use the symbol in warfare is confused thinking . Sukyo Mahikari stands for Light and the essence of Christian teaching is Light and Truth . Sukyo Mahikari makes their members transmit true light ! Does this make them saints and holy people ? You find that out for yourself. The crucial question is about democrazy. Naturally Indian religion understands the absurdity of having a democracy in the ashram . And if all the world is to go back to a global Israeli order the question of democracy will have to submit to some sort of World-Knesset where the Teo-Elite sits Presidents for the House of World-Senators.

At 3:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No hay peor ciego, que el que no quiere ver.

At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infórmate mejor antes de emitir este tipo de cosas.

At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

El primer pensamiento que la persona común tiene cuando ve una svástica es NAZIS. Sin embargo, el símbolo de la svastica se remota a antigüos... muy antigüos tiempos. Y en el camino al descubrimiento del origen de la svastica(swastica, svastika) veremos que su significado y poder místico y mágico fueron las razones por las cuáles los nazis la adoptaron como emblema de su partido y de la ideología expansionista y razista que predicaban. Dejar claro en este punto, que la svástica de los nazis, la svástica sinistrógira, representa al éxito súbito seguido de la destrucción, mientras que la svástica dextrógira, es decir la svástica en sentido inverso, atrae a la espiritualidad y la iluminación interior.



At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sukyo Mahikari is an offshoot of Freemasonry.. Two main tenants are a focus on "the Light"
There is a denunciation of Christ"
Sukiomahikari hails the Monk who founded the orginization as God.
Sukiomahikari's prayer uses "elemental magic" by calling in the elemntal spirits of fire and water for cleansing.
Sukyo mahikari uses the Royal Arch and compass symbol in their presentations to members only.
Sukyo Mahikari's goal is to have a One world Religion., its part of your pledge as a member:
Sukyo Mahikari is part of the New World Order. Reference Len Horowitz book, Death Is in the Air.

At 4:50 AM, Blogger Porlander said...

Someone said, nobody knows who, that SM is freemasonry hailing it's founder as God. If we can stay serious we may conclude that founder was originally Johrei but got a Revelation from a Spirit Messenger from God telling him that, if he accepted, he had a mission to do a good deed for God building a new organisation. In short the mission was to practise Johrei in a different way, another approach to God the Creator who is to be worshipped by all mankind regardless of religious denomination and sect belonging.

At 9:46 PM, Anonymous soaks said...

Having been in mahikari for 7 years, and being out of it for 10, ( including being a mahikari tai member ) Id have to say, in my dealings with the organization, I never felt like I had to do anything I didnt choose to do, or felt I couldn't leave any time I wanted. I only ever experienced kindness and thoughtfulness.
In the end, what it boiled down to, was that I felt it was as much a religion ( having grown up in a strictly christian household ) as what I had already been exposed to. I felt I had learned, (within the confines of personal growth ) all I needed or wanted to from this particular organisation, and continued my personal development in other spiritual matters elsewhere. I guess Iv never really been a totally devout person to any particular sect, and have chosen to gleen what I think is important to me from a wider perspective. Some people like the rigidity of a religion/sect, some don't. That said, I think if people want to get that involved in a sect, christian, buddhist or whatever, there is always going to be something in the belief system that peeves you, because, originally, all these groups have been developed by some sole persons view and thought, and those thoughts will not ever be completely what you are in tune with as an individual. Mainly because you are you. ( funny about that..)
Live and let live, I say. Who cares if those that follow mahikari devoutly for years are blinded by your view of truth. Who cares what those devout catholics or buddhists or jews or hindi follow and believe? What matters is YOU. How you live your life. Every day. Be happy. Just enjoy life for what it is. Give a little, love a lot. You can't grow your soul if you harbour resentment and fail to see what you go through as an opportunity for change and learning! You dont have to be religious or involved in a sect to know that. Get over the anger about the failings in mahikari.... who cares? I don't have friends left from those days either, but do you see me whining about it? Make some new ones! Your just making yourself unhappy and wasting your vital energy on being angry! Get out and smell the roses for goodness sakes! Live and let live. Their not harming any one. No one is gathering together and killing themselves. No one is jumping around naked in front of a bon fire. Everyone is making their own free choice here. Its not like people are living with a sword at their necks forcing them to take the " mahikari" vow. Talk about something much more important, like feeding the poor or something else significant.... What does discussing some religious sects failings towards you have to do with real life? It's too precious to waste on resentment.....

At 5:51 AM, Anonymous www.soria-3d.com said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it is likely to have effect.

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous JULIE middleton said...


At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the purpose of this article is other than to invite hatred towards an organisation that promotes world peace and love to all living things. The comparison with the Nazis is entirely misguided and clearly based on the the prejudice of someone who knows nothing about the organisation. Julie, getting "sucked in" by a "vile sect" is a rather bizarre comment. I am not a member but I have friends who give me light and who have been in it for years. I have gone to the centres before and have never been "forced" to come or give donations, ever. I think organisations like this are good and people should do their research before creating blogs for their two bit of sensationalism which is clearly far sexier than the truth.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Bob Herron said...

This reporting up stream is nonsense.
The leaders can do what they want, yet suppress the members by telling them not to "gossip" yet the Leadership free gossip and go prying into members backgrouds, no proper standard of accountability with in
org, for anybody, Leadership is very weak at grass roots level.
I would not seriously recommend any one join Suko Mahikari who is a thinker. The theoretical model for giving light is a joke. Also with in the org local leaders make up rules to suit, you are not allowed to question their rulings just be a little robot. The Primary course what a laugh, one of the most disorganised events ive ever attended. They should just give you the manual tell you to go read, I could have read the manual in a day instead of taking 3 days of pure boadom. There are some very genuine people go, but also there are some wacos chick called Leslie, real psyco, goes around sings prayer over every one, saying they have demons, this chick is dangerous the
worlds biggest gossip and trouble maker, she has serious issue been in org for over 30 years and knows nothing

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Darcy,

I need help. My family is threatened by Sukyo Mahikari.

Is there a way to contact you privately? Could you provide your email address through this blog? (so that I am sure it is you and not a member of the organisation).

Thank you.

At 12:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very bad organization! Crazy place. Stay away from this
Japanese sect.


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