Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Sorry for my lack of writing. I have been busy since my second child was born this last month. Her name is Ashlyn Paige and she was 16 inches long and 3lbs 3ounces when she was born…she was two months early so she is currently staying at the hospital, but the doctors think she will be ready to go home in September. I had to deliver her by C-section so if I have any other children in the future; which I doubt, as my diabetes is becoming a problem…I will have to deliver that child the same way. Anyways, enough about my last month or so.

When I heard this song, it reminded me of SM. I was curious to see if anyone else understood why. Read it and leave a comment. J


When I met him on the sidewalk
He was preaching to a mailbox
Down on 16th Ave.
And he told me he was Jesus
Sent from Jupiter to free us
With a bottle of Tequila and one shoe
He raged about repentance
He finished every sentence
With the promise that the end was close at hand
I didn’t even try to understand

He left me wide-eyed
In disbelief and disillusion
I was tongue-tied
Drawn by my conclusions
And so I turned and walked away
And laughed at what he has to say
And casually dismissed him as a fraud
I’d forgot he was created in the image of my God

When I met her at a bookstore
She was browsing on the third floor
For a yoga magazine
And she told me in her past life
She’d been some plantation slaves wife
She had to figure out what that might mean
She believes the healing powers of her crystals
Can bring balance and new purpose to her life
Sounds nice…

She left me wide-eyed
In disbelief and disillusion
I was tongue tied
Drawn by my conclusions
And so I turned and walked away
And laughed at what she had to say
And casually dismissed her as a fraud
I’d forgot she was created in the image of my God
Not so long ago
A man from Galilee
Fed thousands with his bread
And his theology
And the truth he spoke
Quickly became the joke
Of educated, self-inflated, Pharisees like me…

And they were wide-eyed
In disbelief and disillusion
They were tongue-tied
Drawn by their conclusions
Would I have turned and walked away?
And laughed at what he had to say?
And casually dismissed him as a fraud?
Unaware that I was staring at the image of my God…

One of the things I have been struggling with personally is my new found intolerance for any religion besides my own. I suppose SM made me a little more leery of any religion that is unfamiliar and foreign to me. I have been praying a lot and asking God to make me less judgmental, but it is difficult when you have been hurt so deeply by something like this. I put this song up because I was hoping to get some support from other people who are in the same boat as me. I hope I am not the only one.


At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Darcy, When your fingers are burnt once we tend to look at things, people very suspiciously. SM seems to have done that to you. There are a lot like you sailing in the same boat. But when you go within and pray to your higest angel for guidance there will be peace and clarity.
PS; your daughter looks so angelic, it reminds me of this line'Every child born is a new expression of God'.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Darcy said...

Thanks for the support, Anonymous. It's good to know that others go through the same struggles...and yes, it is most defintely like getting your fingers burned...only I'd say its more like your heart.

At 5:28 AM, Blogger Anne said...

Hi Darcy,

Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter!....and welcome back.

At first I was a bit perplexed by why you entitled your daughter's picture "wide-eyed", but then I read on. :)

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Hi Darcy,
Congratulations from me as well! May you all enjoy blessings of good health and much love for all your lives.

I am sure your daughter will remind you daily that love is very simple, not an OCD list of self criticism, magical thinking, or fake messiah worship. Hang in there and let that love guide you!


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