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Severing the Links with the Family and Friends

G: Severing the links with the family and friends.

At first, Mahikari encourages new members to try and persuade their family and friends into joining the cause. The Goseigen states that if a member cannot get their own family to join, they will be unable to save anyone else. Due to this it is extremely important for Mahikari members to try and offer their families light, take them to the dojo, tell them about the basic teachings, as much as possible in order to garner a new member. It is forgivable if the member is unable to pull their mother, father, siblings, or other older family members into the sect, however, it is frowned upon if they are unable to get their spouse and children to join.

Members are told that if they cannot get their families to join that it is because of the member’s sins and impurities and that they need to donate more money, offer more light, and do more divine service. Once members families join Mahikari, Kumite are pressured to get their friends to join, there is even a prize if they can get at least ten new members into the sect, it’s called a Goshintai (holy shrine). The Goshintai is awarded to members when they bring in enough members; however, it is more work than a reward.

The links get severed when someone wants to leave Mahikari or when they want to tell the member the truth about Mahikari.

When someone leaves Mahikari officially, members are told that the departing member was spiritually disturbed. Spiritual disturbance is the typical response from Mahikari, regarding anything that does not follow their beliefs or criticizes their doctrine. Once a person had been labelled spiritually disturbed, Mahikari members are urged not to communicate with that person, as spiritual disturbance is contagious. All former members are either a) spiritually disturbed, b) throwing God’s gift in His face, C) not strong enough to continue the divine plan.

The other circumstance when a member is asked to sever the link between family and friend is when the person they are pitching Mahikari to disagrees with the teachings. This usually occurs when a members has read up on Mahikari and knows what an axe wound it really is.

I remember one circumstance when a woman I knew was friends with a kumite. She wasn’t a member, but she was interested in Mahikari because her intended was a member. She read what she could to try and find out what it was like, and then would speak with her kumite friend about what she had learned. Usually her kumite friend would tell her to disregard the internet as all the former members on the net were “overacting”. She even went so far as to say that Garry Greenwood was dramatizing events in his book All the Emperor’s Men.

The kumite encouraged the young woman to read Dr. Tebecis book instead, but the woman assured her that she would read everything she could in order to make a concise decision. After reading all she could find she decided that Mahikari was not the path for her. When she spoke with the Kumite about her decision and attempted to explain what she had read that had brought her to that conclusion, the kumite listened, but then ceased communication immediately afterwards. This Kumite threw away a perfectly good friendship because she was an extremist who was only looking to get another member…probably wanted that Goshintai prize at the end of the tunnel, if she didn’t already have it. (You know who you are if you’re reading this, Miss Texas Dojo) Maybe you need to take the time to read your Goseigen…I’m pretty sure it says:

How can you become men free from disease and poverty and ones with love and harmony? If you cannot respect others as you respect yourselves, you are desecrating God’s children and have made light of the Parent God

The Goseigen also says that not even Kumite are safe from the Baptism of Fire, so I would start praying if I were you. You might be going to the same place that woman who chose not to join Mahikari is going.

Once a potential member has made up their mind about Mahikari and decided not to take Primary Kenshu, they are discarded because they aren’t even good enough to be friends with a kumite. You are either with Mahikari or against Mahikari. There is no in between. There is no, “I don’t agree with your beliefs, but you’re a good person so lets continue to be friends.” No, there is none of that. You’re either a Mahikari member, or you’re not worth their time.

I have Asher’s permission and I am going to use him as an example here. Asher’s mother is in the process of disowning him because a Doshi told her that she needed to dust off the dirt from her feet; he would pull her down before she would pull him up. Kana, if you’re reading this you are a disgrace of a mother. I could never abandon my child for anyone, or anything. You have a very intelligent, kind, and talented son and you don’t deserve him. In my opinion you should have been sterilized, but then that wonderful child wouldn’t be here so I take that back. I hope you have a great life clutching onto those false teachings until kingdom come.


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...

I am a member of Mahikari. My husband helped bring Mahikari to the United States and I now reside in Texas. Most of the statements made on your site are exaggerated or false altogether. You like to site the Goseigen? Well how about this one...

the Gosegen also says, "Even though I explain to this extent, if they still regard these as God's words uttered in delirium, make light of and laugh at the things conveyed by you, the holy herald of God, you, shall leave them as they are.

God will surely manifest even the phenomenon of judgement clearly upon them at an unexpected moment and manifest the art of making them completely deadlocked."

As Kumite we are instructed to leave people as they are if they refuse the teachings. Some people cannot be helped and will not be helped. They are not chosen no matter how badly we might want them to be. It is silly for us to waste our time and energy, focusing on someone who doesn't want to recognize the truth.

We could be doing other things like offering okiyome and purifying ourselves; the people who matter. I feel sorry for those of you who have left Mahikari because when God's judgment comes you will be punished the most severly because you knew the truth and did not follow it obidiently.

At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Kara said...

It makes me extremely sad that this organization has made you believe that God is so vengeful and cold. These human traits of anger and jealousy are not of God.

He loves everyone equally regardless of what religion they choose and He will not hold people accountable for taking a different route to get to Him. It really pains me to think that there are so many religions in the world who have made everyone fear God instead of love Him.

God is a parent. I don't know if you have children or not, but could you send your children into the depths of eternal damnation just because they disobeyed you? I never could and if God loves us more than we love our own children then there is no conceivable way He could ever "manifest the art of making them completely deadlocked".

Stop giving God a bad name by spreading these hateful teachings. They make God out to be a tyrant and not only that they border on the rascist side as far as the Japanese Supremacy goes.

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am a kumite, I dont believe in serving God fearfully. Yet Mahikari puts so much emphsis on sins and impurities and spirit disturbace. God loves all and He wants you to know your higest true self. He is not a tyrant, He is with you at all times whether you are a kumite or not, He is you and you are Him......"We were created in His image'.

At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sad that most of us have not been told the truth about the organizations past. Most of the members do not know of the existence of two Suzas. Where is God nnshrined?

At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Kara said...


I like the way you see things. Many of the more extreme Kumite make the teachings of Mahikari seem tyrannical.

I think all religions have something to offer, but at the same time I think all religion in overwhelming doses is bad...

My boyfriends mother is a kumite and will not even speak to him because he refused to stop seeing me as I am not a SM member and have made it clear that I will not join. She pretty much told him that he had thrown away God's protection and that she hoped He'd have mercy on him.

It is my opinion that God loves us all and that we should take what we want of the faiths provided in the world and leave the rest behind. As long as we love God how can He turn us away?

He will welcome us all with open arms, like a proud parent waiting for us to come home. I just wish some of the other Kumite in the world echoed your sentiment. Kudos to you. You have managed to remain a member and be clear headed.

At 7:16 AM, Blogger Darcy said...


You're right. Mahikari does put a lot of emphasis on spirit disturbance. I am glad to hear it has not effected your love for God, but for me I was so scared of the Baptism of Fire and the wrath of God that I could hardly function.

I was constantly worried about whether or not I was good enough, whether I was worthy. Every time something negative happened in my life I attributed it to bad karma or an attached spirits. I know that you're supposed to have the 'fear of God' in you, but Mahikari takes it to the extreme.

I also think that it is a little ridiculous for Mahikari to claim that everyone who has not taken Kenshu will not survive the Baptism of Fire...

I mean, there are billions of people who have never heard of Sukyo Mahikari...there are only 500,000 members in the world and we are supposed to believe that everyone else is damned?

Christianity might be able to make that claim as 32% of the world is Christian, but for SM to claim that they are the only path to God and everyone else is going be punished...it's sad.

All I have to say is that some of the kindest people I know have never heard of Sukyo Mahikari and if they are not going to surivive the "Baptism of Fire" I don't want to either. I will welcome any punishment God wants to inflict upon me because that is unjust.

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear mary ono, i feel sad that you serve god with fear, i wonder who are responsible for this. Have you forgotten something like humans being granted a free will? Please expand your consciousness and you will begin to see things very clearly.

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Is this the same Goseigen that Okada claims to be his own? Interesting that he once "warned" that people would criticize and say that this was "the Okada method" or that the teachings and revelations were his creation, not God's, but he failed to mentioned he lifted the whole thing from SKK. And then if you ask anyone in SM about it, they deny it, even when it was known in the early 70's.
I don't think anyone here is laughing at God when have been lied to by men and women and then seek HIS truth. Especially when you uncover all the other issues that had been hidden from members. When you destroy trust, you are a destroyer of the most fundamental human qualities. And my slavation or connection with God is much higher than that.

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...

Regardless of whether you are seeking the “truth” or not, you were all exposed to the truth (Sukyo Mahikari) and have decided to leave for your various reasons. The point is that you have all chosen to reject the truth and seek God in the incorrect way. The world loves a scandal. People try and seek out any possible fallacy because it is in our nature to find the bad in everything and tear it down. Just like celebrities; we put them on a pedestal just so we can pull them down.

Christianity and The DaVinci Code; this is a perfect example of people searching for falsehoods within religious teachings, accepting or denying the negative findings, and tearing it down. The only difference is that Christianity has been around for thousands of years and is accepted by most people as truth, whereas Sukyo Mahikari has only been around since the late 50’s. So what are we to believe? That just because something is old, it is right and just because something is new it is incorrect? What simple minds you all have.

You are all doing this through your little blogs and websites; tearing Sukyo Mahikari down because you found small issues with it. You have experienced Sukyo Mahikari, searched to find something wrong with it (because for some reason you cannot just accept and be grateful), and now that you have found something that you believe to be evidentiary support of “inconsistencies in the teachings” you are doing everything in your power to smear the name of Sukyo Mahikari. Shame on you!

You are not helping anyone, if anything you are the cause of people having “emotional trauma” after leaving because you are providing them with the information and lies that is making them doubt the true path. You are all leading them away from God and salvation and I pity you because you will be the most harshly judged; because not only have you rejected the teachings, thrown God’s gift in his face, you have also lead his children astray as well.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Lara said...

No, I pity you for being a dumb ass.

No, just because something is new does not make it incorrect, but age definitely gives it more credibility, considering the massive number of cults popping up around the world. All of these people who start these religious groups claim to have received revelations, why should Okada be any different? And how can God expect us to be able to decipher which groups are right and which ones are wrong when so many people have lied?

Choosing a religion, much less the correct one is like trying to shoot a bow and arrow in the middle of the night and expecting to hit the target; the chances are slim to none. If I am going to miss the mark anyway I am going to choose to follow a religion that is not as totalitarian as Sukyo Mahikari. These inconsistencies are not just coincidental and the fact that Sukyo Mahikari would rather side step them to avoid talking about them, rather than confront them head on, does not make them look good at all, on the contrary, it makes them look like liars, like they are hiding something.

I am not hurting anyone by trying to expose the truth. What I do might hurt people initially, but in the end they will be stronger, empowered, and have a new life. What you do on the other hand, damages them permanently if they choose to remain in this organization. God gave us free will and Sukyo Mahikari does everything in its power to take that away in order to rob you blind. It corrupts your social skills and makes it difficult to function in the world outside of Mahikari.

I mean come on! Get out of the fantasy world. “Spirits are going to attack me if I remove my magical necklace! Oh no! Evil deities are conquering the world; Kumite must join their powers to call on Lieutenant Yoshikazu Okada to save the world! We must build a magical pyramid to intensify our power and hold off the anger of God.” How silly does that sound? It sounds like something right out a JRR Tolkein novel or a JK Rowling book. Most of you are adults for God’s sake! I can understand someone like me, a 15 year old child, believing something so juvenile, but you people got sucked into this as adults! Bloody hell! Next you’ll be telling me that Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy still exist…maybe they’re just demi-Gods.

At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Kara said...

There's no Tooth Fairy?....:(

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Interesting that despite all of the false information that was given to members, you can still call it the "truth". If you can find any "false information" in my postings, please feel free to point it out and I will correct it.

I was never told there were two very similar religions prior to sukyo mahikari, or that Okada belonged to one and took most of his teachings from there (after he was asked to leave), or that the line of succession in sukyo mahikari was challenged. I could care less about the scandal involved, when people have something to hide it makes me question the validity of its origin.
As for a comparison to the Davinci Code, that whole thing was concocted by a huckster and has been debunked for what it truly is. And come to think of it, Mahikari might just have more in common with that huckster than any of us, since it is Mahikari who also denies the crucifixtion of Christ. Mahikari also conveniently forgets to tell you that there are passages in the bible that admonish those people in contact with the spirit world. Despite the argument that Mahikari purports to help those spirits, it converses and draws them out in a manner similar to the mediums they denounce. You can't deny that spirit investigations take place. Add to the fact that Okada was known for his SKK activities with spirits, and as far as I know this might be leading its followers straight to hell. If anyone is simple minded, it is the person who refuses to look at cold hard facts.

At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...


You’re only going to push Kumite away by mocking them. Maybe you need to rethink your method of getting your point across. The Goseigen warns us that people will laugh at us and try and convince us that Sukyo Mahikari is the wrong path, that it “robs you blind”. Luckily for us, our organization has prepared us for people like you.


Where is this supposed evidence that Sukyo Mahikari has lied? There is a difference between lying and simply not mentioning the history of the organization. If someone wants to ask a member of Kanbu about the history of the organization (and I would know, I was a member of Kanbu and so was my husband) Kanbu is more than happy to answer questions concerning our practices and the history of our organization.

I fail to see how this is lying; we simply do not see it as pertinent information. Why does someone need to know that our founder was a member of a different religion? Most people try several religions throughout their life. Besides, the SKK does not properly administer okiyome; which is why they never have spirit manifestations. Our savior knew that okiyome needed to be offered in a different way, to remove spirits instead of just keep them at bay, which is exactly what God told him when He first revealed Himself to him.

Okiyome is the main focus, it always has been, and always will be. Does the origin really matter if the teachings are correct? Member of Sukyo Mahikari know that their feelings are pure, when you discover the truth for the first time you feel it in your heart; those who do not are simply not chosen by God.

Sukyo Mahikari has not, and never will lie. If you choose to interpret a lack of discussion as a lie, then that is your affair, but why is it necessary to tarnish the name of someone else’s religion? You don’t see me making an anti-Christian blog, although now I probably should, but I am not that petty. People are entitled to believe what they want. If I want to believe in Sukyo Mahikari, raise my family in Sukyo Mahikari, and die in Sukyo Mahikari, that is my choice. Let people make up their minds for themselves. A lot of the things mentioned on some of these sites are wrong. Our savior never had a sexual affair with anyone, least of all his own daughter! He took in Keishu Okada because he wanted to nurture her and because he wanted her to carry on our religion in the event of his death, the fact that you all will go so far as to lie about it to suit your needs it sick.

Mahikari members are the chosen people, it is all of you who will be judged by God. On your knees, giving okiyome, being humble before God is our place in this world. If you cannot offer more praise to the one who made you, I feel sorry for you. I suppose I won’t see you all in the next holy civilization.

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear mary ono, do not be so defensive. Do you not know that Gods love is unconditional? Why would He punish us for not being in mahikari? Each one of us are connected to Him, we need not be a kumite to be connected to Him. In fact it is arrogance to think that just because we are kumites we are His favourites. Truth is truth even if you do not like it.

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Joe said...

I noticed you really didn't have much to address in my post. First off, let me say specifically that I will not fight here. I hope that the tone allows you to listen with the thought that I am someone very concerned about my spiritual welfare.

The difference between lying and ommission is irrelevant,because by omitting information you are not providing the truth. But to be clear, they have lied by denying his involvement with SKK. The letter from headquarters is posted on the net here:


The fact the Okada was in SKK is a HUGE problem when he claims that he is the savior chosen by God and these revelations all come from God. He lied himself when he said that after he was first told to give okiyome, he felt silly raising his hand so he gave light to a dog. Interesting, because he already had experience giving jorei. So, those are two tales told and we have hardly left the gate.

As to the correct "giving" of okiyome, I seem to remember that GOD is the supposed source of the light, so how could one be more correct than another? Not that it matters, because Jorei could easily fit the False Christ scenario. Maybe it doesnt come from God at all. Having practiced for many years , I can say it certainly did not produce any christ-like miracles.

By the way, I had a Doshi gloss over the whole story for me matter of factly, as if he had no time. So much for leadership. Just for everyone unfamiliar, here is some info:

From his diary notes he writes, "I had been told that my bones would degenerate within three years, but far from that, when I went again to the hospital for tests, it was discovered that every thing had healed naturally." No mention is made in his biography that he was a long time member of a Japanese sect called The Jorei Organisation or Sekai Kyusei Kyo (SKK). According to Rev. J Tatewatsu, a minister of SKK who knew Okada in the 1950s, Okada was healed of his caries through practicing SKK, using energy radiated from the hands. Okada was the minister of the SKK center to which Rev. J. Tatewatsu was a member.

Added weight to the statement made by Rev. Tatewatsu comes from another Minister, the Rev. Ajiki, from the teaching department of SKK. He knew Okada and was photographed with him with a group of SKK ministers in around 1949. He was genuinely amused that a person like Okada could be called a Saint. Although the SKK ministers state they are not permitted to criticize other religions, fact are facts!

Okada joined SKK in the Nagoya area around 1947 and became a very enthusiastic member. In 1949 he became a full time paid minister assigned to the Hauai church in its branch church located in Nishiogikobo Tokyo. Rev.Ajiki, was appointed assistant minister to Okada in Nishiogikobo for one year. Okada was known as Chudo Okada and then began calling himself Rev.Kotama. Rev.Kiyoko Higuchi pictured in the photo was his boss. Okada often had differences of opinion concerning certain aspects of the SKK teachings with the founder of SKK Meishusama also called Okada(no relation).

He was often warned over his interest in spirits and warned that it would lead to trouble in the future. In 1953 he was sacked as a minister of SKK for unacceptable behavior, although he maintained a close affiliation with SKK until 1957.

I wish I would have known this before I joined. I would have immediately suspected that this is just more human folly. At least I can still apologize to Jesus.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a mess. I think its high time Mahikari leaders came out with the truth, but I think it is highly improbable they will. There is too much at stake, imagine being told overnight that we all have been taken for a ride.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I receive Light regularly and have never felt under pressure to join this organisation. When I receive Light I feel happier and calm.I also find the members to be kind and loving.For me receiving Light is a wonderful experience.

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been a member of Mahikari for over 13 years. I have not experienced the pressure to 'convert' people, the pressure to donate lots of money and the hugs emphasis on fear and strictness that has been mentioned here.

I have felt no pressure from anyone to convert members of my family and in my centre the number of people who practice as a whole family would be in the minority.

In the past there have been many mistakes made by people in the organisation - giving guidance to people that was more personal opinion rather than actual Mahikari teachings. This is still happening now, because as humans we are not perfect.

I think that this is true of all spiritual organisations - look at the catholic church for example, or extremist muslims who encourage wife beating. This does not invalidate the importance of the teachings of these religions or mean that they are a cult.

I am so very sorry for the people involved in this post who have had bad experiences and wish them well in their spiritual journeys. I hope you find a path that brings you as much comfort and peace that Sukyo Mahikari has brought me.

Just as a final note - members of Sukyo Mahikari are told about the split in the organisation after the death of Sukuinushisama and the existence of another Mahikari.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Bergspprofilens vindar said...

It is to my thinking great that the american organisation of Sukyo Mahikari is growing and step by step establish dojos in mayor towns. But I do find it a bit odd that it seems so mind-less. No understanding of the historical progress of Gods Plan. No understanding of the fullfillment of the prophecies and the transient arrangement of the Mayan Calender. Where do the children of light speak the truth about the Pyramids and the Persian Empire around the birth of Jesus Christ? Where do the children of Light talk about the alien encounters and contacts that holds us all in i mass-healing? Where do the children of Truth teach us all about the meaning of life and what is important? And what about the Ananakis? What has the children of true light to say to the rest of the world about Tenrikyo,Oomoto,Reiki,Shinko,Shinri,Amaterasu,the Jewish people,the Bahai,The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,Moonchurch,Scandinavian School of Martinus,Johrei,SMBK ???
It is all very fine I guess to sit on the doyo and treat oneself with precious true loving light and be reborne as a child of Christ , but what does that bring the world? Have you ever made a stand and preached to those that needs a guiding hand ? Just asking , I know that it is a humble path to walk with utmost sincerity in the eyes of God who is watching all and listens to every human prayer through the ministry of angels and gardian spirits. God bless you all.

At 5:01 AM, Blogger sammy said...

What if Sukuinushisama is really wrong? I dont care if he is a bad guy and only wants my money.

You are responsible for your happiness. Stop trying to receive love from the world. Start giving.

You can believe in the teachings of Mahikari (like gratitude and harmony) and have a better life.

You can practice okiyome without caring about Suza, Revelations, lies, money...

Be happy! Dont complain, just be thankful and live the moment. Now. Here.

At 2:46 AM, Blogger VKionG AnG said...

I know n I don't have a problem. Do you?

Many members n I are very happy. I have been a member since 1991 n I am still active.


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